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Simulation software for business process management & analytics

SIMUL8 simulation software enables businesses to plan and improve their processes without risk. From back offices, to shared services, to Lean, SIMUL8 is a powerful analytics solution for identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.

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Why simulate business processes?

Simulation and BPMN are an obvious match. BPMN is used to depict process flow, and SIMUL8 is a world renowned process improvement tool.

Now, instead of just drawing out what a process looks like, business analysts can use simulation to optimize their entire business process from end-to-end.

SIMUL8 enables you to add simulation to your BPM diagrams, allowing your process diagrams to provide vital insights into how your process will perform in the real world.

For example, instead of estimating wait time, SIMUL8 will accurately predict queueing times and predict where bottlenecks in the process could build up.

Simulation is also valuable for quickly and easily experimenting with any ideas of how to improve your business process, without taking the risk of implementing it in the real world untested.

Get it right first time by finding the ideal solution with simulation

  • Find and resolve process bottlenecks
  • Make your business agile with continuous improvement
  • Test changes to processes to make them more efficient
  • Reduce cost and eliminate waste
  • Optimize SLAs by testing expected performance
  • Collaborate with co-workers and get buy-in on decisions from the start
  • Plan for future growth and capacity

Key features of SIMUL8 for Business Process Management

SIMUL8 simulation software enables businesses to make rapid, profitable process planning and improvement decisions.

Bring your Visio flow charts to life

SIMUL8 allows you to import directly from Microsoft Visio and other BPM applications. Bring your process to life to visualize bottlenecks, test new ideas, and improve performance.

An intuitive integrated BPMN library

Build your simulations in SIMUL8 using our integrated BPMN library or import your existing BPMN diagrams into SIMUL8 to get the added benefit of simulation analysis instantly.

Power simulations from any data source

Drive simulations that accurately reflect your business processes using SIMUL8's built-in statistical distributions or connect your own data from Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++.

A wealth of results to improve performance

SIMUL8 provides extensive results in a range of exportable formats, as well as the ability to customize reports to analyze the results most relevant to you or stakeholders.

See SIMUL8 in action

Watch our video tour to learn more about simulation and take a closer look at SIMUL8's powerful capabilities and features.

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SIMUL8 business simulation case studies

What business process challenges can SIMUL8 help you solve?

Planning new business processes or facilities

You need to plan a new business process or design a new facility, but how can you be sure that it will be fit for purpose or what the most effective implementation should be?

Simulation is used by organizations to design, validate and optimize new business processes and facilities before investing in and implementing the real system.

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Finding and removing business process bottlenecks

Bottlenecks are common across most businesses, but with long, complex or intertwined processes they’re not always straightforward to find and solve.

Simulation is a powerful tool for bottleneck analysis, helping identify their root cause and enabling you to experiment with process changes to resolve constraints.

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Building engaging business cases to secure buy-in

Gaining and maintaining stakeholder buy-in is crucial for the success of any process implementation or improvement project.

Simulation strengthens business cases by enabling business process ideas and proposals to be communicated through a visual, collaborative and evidence-based approach.

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Assessing return on investment

Investment in processes, people and technology is a key driver for business growth. But how can you be sure that investment will have the desired impact, or if there are better options for business growth?

Simulation is a powerful decision-making tool for assessing the feasibility and validity of capital investment projects - before investing time and money.

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