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  Training Solutions

Quickly get the most from SIMUL8 with training

Whether you attend a training class, get direct 1-2-1 coaching with our experts or learn online at your own pace, we can help you to get fast results from SIMUL8.

Our training and consulting solutions

No matter your objectives, our range of training and consulting services offer the fastest approach to get the most value from simulation.

Why SIMUL8 training and consulting?

Working closely with our users for 25 years, we continually develop our training and services to ensure that they meet the demands of today's business challenges.

The fastest way to develop practical simulation skills

A combination of SIMUL8's powerful, intuitive software and hands-on, practical training will ensure you and your teams are confident in all core principles of simulation and come away with the skills needed to solve your challenges.

Led by our own in-house team of simulation experts

All of our training and services are developed and led by our in-house team of consultants. They aren't just SIMUL8 experts, they’re specialists in process improvement and operations research, ensuring that you’ll get maximum value.

Ongoing support and advice available

The learning and support doesn't stop after your first training or service engagement. If you have any technical issues or queries, we also have a wide range of online SIMUL8 support resources available, as well as a dedicated support team.

Kelly Services

"The class was essential to our success at quickly understanding and applying SIMUL8 to our needs."

MacKenzie Healthcare

"Our instructor fit really well with our team. He adapted easily to our various comfort levels with SIMUL8. He did a fabulous job!"

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Training classes

Available publicly or at your organization's own offices, classroom training is designed to enhance your knowledge of SIMUL8's features and capabilities through practical, hands-on learning exercises.

If you're new to simulation or SIMUL8, training classes are recommended to quickly advance your skills and immediately get value from simulation.

Why attend a training class?

  • The fastest way to learn SIMUL8
    Learn the fundamental concepts, features and techniques of SIMUL8 and simulation in just a few days.

  • Taught by simulation experts
    Classes are led by simulation consultants who use SIMUL8 every day.

  • Have your questions answered
    We keep class sizes small to ensure individual attention from our experts.

  • Develop technical and soft skills
    Through our consultants’ real-world experience, you’ll not only learn to use SIMUL8, but tips for implementing your simulation projects.

  • Jump-start your projects with additional support
    Add an additional coaching day to your training and get started on your simulation project with an expert instructor at your side.

Training class pricing

Public training costs $1495 per delegate for our 2-day Introductory course and $1295 for our 1-day Introduction to Visual Logic course. Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

Onsite training starts at $7495 for six delegates at your organization.

  Upcoming SIMUL8 training classes

Class Date Location
Introductory Nov 12 - 13 Glasgow, UK
Introduction to Visual Logic Nov 14 Glasgow, UK
Introductory Feb 4 - 5 Glasgow, UK
Introduction to Visual Logic Feb 6 Glasgow, UK
Introductory Mar 17 - 18 Boston
Introduction to Visual Logic Mar 19 Boston
Introductory Apr 21 - 22 London, UK
Introduction to Visual Logic Apr 23 London, UK

Book public or onsite training

Contact our team to book your places or find out more about our public or onsite training classes.

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Online coaching

Online coaching is an effective approach for developing your SIMUL8 knowledge while simultaneously meeting your project goals.

Usually delivered online but also available face-to-face, these sessions allow you to work directly with one of our expert consultants to help build your simulation and get tips and advice on SIMUL8's advanced features.

Why choose coaching?

  • Achieve your specific goals
    You decide what you want to cover in each session. Our consultants can also review your simulation and give tips on how to make improvements.

  • Advance your SIMUL8 knowledge
    With access to simulation consultants who use SIMUL8 every day, you'll be able to utilize their wealth of experience to get the most value from your simulation project.

  • Gain simulation skills for future projects
    Online coaching not only enables you to achieve the goals of your current project, the knowledge and skills learned using the service will also help improve the speed and efficiency of future projects.

Coaching pricing

Online coaching costs $240 per hour with a minimum purchase of 5 hours.

Kristyna Lacinova

"Whether you need help to model processes, improve the efficiency of your simulation, or utilize SIMUL8's wide range of features, online coaching will enable you to rapidly get up to speed while working towards completing your simulation project."

Kristyna Lacinova, Consultant, SIMUL8 Corporation

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Contact our team to book and schedule your online coaching sessions.

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SIMUL8 Academy Elearning

Created by our consultants, SIMUL8 Academy online training will guide you through the essential functionality of SIMUL8.

If you are unable to attend a public training course, these Elearning modules offer an alternative for developing your SIMUL8 knowledge at your own pace.

Why choose Elearning?

  • Learn at any time
    Learn at your own pace as you create your first simulation and master the basics of simulation.

  • Quickly develop skills
    With course content created by our consultants, online training enables you to quickly build robust simulations.

  • Improve processes
    With Elearning, you'll develop simulation skills needed to drive process improvement in your organization.

Elearning pricing

Unlimited access to SIMUL8 Academy online training costs $1495 per user.

Ken Doole

"At SIMUL8, we are devoted to helping our users achieve success with our software. Elearning gives our users the option to learn the essentials of SIMUL8 at their own pace."

Tom Stephenson, Head of Customer Success, SIMUL8 Corporation

Access our Elearning modules

Contact our team to purchase or try out SIMUL8 Academy online training.

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SIMUL8 training FAQs


How do I book a training course, online coaching or access Elearning?

You can get in touch with our team to book any of our training options.

Which training option is right for me?

We recommend starting with a training class if you are new to SIMUL8. If you are unable to attend one of our scheduled training classes, SIMUL8 Academy online learning is also a suitable option for beginners. If you would like to train your team in SIMUL8, onsite training classes will provide the most value.

If you already have experience of using SIMUL8 but need assistance with a simulation project, online coaching will be the best option for you.

We also offer consulting services if you need our experts to build and analyze a simulation on your behalf.

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us and we will be happy to provide recommendations.

Training classes

Do I need to bring a laptop?

Laptops are provided on public training courses and will have a copy of SIMUL8 pre-installed. For onsite training courses, your team can use their own laptops. A temporary SIMUL8 training license can be installed if you do not have a copy of the software.

What resources are needed for onsite training?

We recommend that onsite training takes place in a room that has a projector, internet access and power supplies for laptops available.

How long does training last?

Our Introductory class is delivered over two days, with the option to attend an additional third day Introduction to Visual Logic class. Our Visual Logic class can also be attended separately if you are already familiar with SIMUL8's core features.

Can I see a course outline for training classes?

We have course outlines available for both Introductory and Introduction to Visual Logic classes.

If you have any questions about the course content, please get in touch.


How is coaching delivered?

Coaching is usually delivered online via GoToMeeting or similar conference call applications. It can also be delivered face-to-face.

What is the minimum number of coaching hours I can buy?

A minimum of five coaching hours can be purchased initially, with options to buy additional hours should you need them.


Is there a trial of SIMUL8 Academy Elearning available?

Yes, please contact us to arrange a trial of SIMUL8 Academy online training.

Got a question?

Whether you have any questions or want a personalized demo of SIMUL8, our team are happy to help!

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