SIMUL8 Training Services

When you're learning SIMUL8 we know you can succeed on your own, but we can help you do it quicker. Our experts will share their knowledge so you can master SIMUL8 and get the results you need fast. Whether you want to take a public class, learn on your own with our self-paced e-learning or have some 1-2-1 time with one of our simulation experts we have an option for you.

Training Classes

Public Training Classes

Our classroom training is available across the globe or onsite at your organization. Designed to enhance your learning through hands-on experience our experts guide you through intensive courses that help you get the most out of SIMUL8.

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1-2-1 Coaching

Regarded by many as our most value-add service our 1-2-1 coaching allows you to work with our expert consultants to build your simulation, while training you at the same time. This is the fastest, most effective way of growing your SIMUL8 knowledge and meeting your project goals simultaneously.

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SIMUL8 Academy Online Training

Our self-paced e-learning is perfect if you want to learn as you build your simulation. Created by our expert consultants this online training course covers all the topics that you need to get started.

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"The best part of my job is working with our users to improve their simulation knowledge. Seeing users become confident at creating any process in SIMUL8, and using our advanced features is great. That's when you know they're adding real value to their organization."

Tom Stephenson, Consultant, SIMUL8 Corporation

Training as standard with SIMUL8 Professional Plus

We believe our users are most successful when they have access to training resources, and that's why we include introductory training and coaching as standard with SIMUL8 Professional Plus.

Our training services will help you quickly master SIMUL8 Professional and use it to quickly master SIMUL8's features and build simulations which deliver results across your organization.

Kelly Services

"The class was essential to our success at quickly understanding and applying SIMUL8 to our needs."

MacKenzie Healthcare

"Our instructor fit really well with our team. He adapted easily to our various comfort levels with SIMUL8. He did a fabulous job!"

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