UnLink and Link Simulation Objects


The UnLink command is used to remove the link between Objects and the Link command to create a link between two Objects.


  • Source Object - The start of the routing arrow to be removed
  • Destination Object - The end of the routing arrow to be removed
  • Travel Times (Only applicable for Link Simulation Objects)


This command is most commonly used in “On Reset” or in “Before Reset” Visual Logic, as it allows you to make structural changes to your simulation, which ideally should be done before a Run or Trial. This command can also be used during a simulation run, however it is not recommended to do this.

Annotated Example

In the example below, upon Reset the simulation is set up so that the Start Point and the Queue for Activity 3 are unlinked, and Work Items only go to the queue for Activity 1. However, the Link Command is implemented so that if the contents of the Queue for Activity 1 is ten or above, Work Items can also go to the Queue for Activity 3. This logic can be applied to queues for check-outs in supermarkets, whereby if it gets too busy, another check-out can open.

unlink and link

You can find a simulation example on the use of the Unlink Simulation Objects and Link Simulation Objects command here: Link_unlink_simulation_objects.s8

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