Set Shift Times

Sets the Start and End time of a Shift


  • Shift Name - Name of the shift
  • Start Time - Shift Start Time units from midnight
  • End Time - Shift End Time units from midnight


Can be used in conjunction with Set Shift Days to control when the Shift is on or off.

Annotated Example

In the following example, a Schedule, that defines whether the first or second Shift pattern will be used, is selected through a Dialog. The variable “gbl_Schedule” Selection takes a value of 1 if Schedule 1 is selected, and 2 if Schedule 2 is selected.

If the first Schedule is selected the Assistant Shift is on from Monday to Thursday between 9am and 5pm (time units used are minutes and 540 corresponds to 60 minutes x 9 hours from midnight). If the second one is selected the Shift is on only between Monday and Wednesday until 3pm each day.

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