Reset Shelf Life

Resets the Shelf Life of the currently expiring Work Item to its original value. Shelf Life (or max waiting time) of a Queue controls how long a Work Item can usefully stay in the Queue. Please note that Shelf life must be determined by a Label. Only valid when used at Storage Bin On Expire logic.)


None required.


This command’s functionality is now handled automatically (i.e. it is no longer needed) unless preferences for Visual Logic are set for back compatibility. To enable this command, navigate to File> Preferences> Visual Logic and check the “VL can create negative shelf life (not recommended)” option.

If you wish to differentiate the Shelf Life, based on different Work Item types, you can now create a Labels, so the Label’s value contains the Work Item’s Shelf Life, i.e. the amount of time before the Work Item should expire.

Make sure that the Routing In Discipline of the Queue’s succeeding Activity is Expired Only, since only then Shelf Life will be able to determine whether Work Items proceed to the succeeding Activity or remain in the Queue. If the succeeding Activity should not have an Expired Routing In Discipline, you can use a Dummy Activity as the Object after the Queue, with a Fixed Distribution of 0 minutes, and apply this Routing Discipline on the Dummy Activity.

Annotated Example

The Visual Logic Section below commands the simulation to reset the Shelf Life of trainees who have not passed Level 2 at their Qualification Programme. A random sample is drawn from a distribution regarding the Qualification Programme, and it is compared to the minimum requirement for passing to the next stage (Qualification Level > 2). When Qualification Level is insufficient, trainees stay at the Queue for the same amount of time again. If they passed, no change is made to their Shelf Life, and they proceed to expire (i.e. to the next stage of Training).

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