Get Resources Required

Gets the quantity of a Resource required at an Activity.


  • Activity- Activity where the Resource requirement is set
  • Resource - Name of Resource that is required by the Activity
  • Returned Minimum Quantity – Global Data Item to return minimum number of the Resource required at the Activity
  • Returned Maximum Quantity - Global Data item to return maximum number of the Resource required at the Activity.


The Maximum and Minimum number available can also be found manually (see Resource Details dialog), and a higher number of the Maximum available reduces processing time. The Resource in question must already be assigned to the Activity, as this command does not make any new Resource assignments. 0 is a valid number to be returned (meaning that none of a particular Resource is required sometime).

Annotated Example

In the example below, Get Resources required is used for storing the minimum number available in the numeric Global Data item Resources_Min, and the maximum available at Resources_Max. Then, while aiming to eliminate the Resources used, the number available during a Shift is set to Resources_Min using the Set Shift Availability command.

Simul8 Get Resources Required VL