Empty Simulation Object

Removes all Work Items from the object and deletes them from the simulation


  • Simulation Object - Object to be emptied, Queue, Activity or Conveyor


In many simulations, our users want to ensure that a simulation object, such as a Queue or an Activity, is empty based on a particular condition. For example, a shop will be empty of customers at the end of a day and so are certain parts of a hospital, or machines in a factory. In Simul8, this can be done by using for instance Time Check Visual Logic and the Visual Logic command “Empty Simulation Object”. The only parameter to input is the object to be emptied.

In the example below, the Visual Logic command shown is called every 480 minutes, which is the end of the day, in the simulation (60 minutes times 8 hours):

Time Check Visual Logic: Empty Queue at the end of the day

The results in terms of Queue Content is shown on the graph on the right:

Result: Queue content

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