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Simul8 Introductory training classes

Delivered online or in person, our instructor-led introductory training classes will teach the fundamentals of Simul8 regardless of your industry.

Simul8 Introductory training classes

Introduction to Simul8

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Simul8 to help you quickly level-up your skills. Delivered by our own in-house Simul8 experts, you'll get the value of their vast experience in delivering Simul8 projects and helping Simul8 customers all around the world deliver huge value to their organizations with Simul8.

What you'll learn

  • 1
    Introduction to Discrete Event Simulation
    • Discover what is Discrete Event Simulation and what are the benefits
    • Learn what are the most common applications of using Discrete Event Simulation
    • Learn when and why you should use Discrete Event Simulation
  • 2
    The Simul8 Basics
    • Introductions to the Simul8 user interface
    • Learn about the 5 main Simul8 objects: Start Point, Queue, Activity, End Point and Resource
    • Build your first Simul8 model, update its properties and learn about its results
  • 3
    The 4 Golden Rules of Simul8
    • What is the problem? Determine the ask of the simulation
    • What are your Key Performance Metrics? Learn how the simulation shapes the results for your analysis
    • What are your levers? Learn what changeable factors affect the output of the simulation
    • Always quantify! Learn why a baseline simulation is important for what-if analysis
  • 4
    Assignment 1 - "The Café"
    • Build a simulation of a café process incorporating the rules and objectives of the café owner
    • Experiment with various scenarios the café owner would like to test
    • Provide your recommendations to the café owner based on the analysis of the simulation
  • 5
    Distributions & Labels
    • Introduction to default distributions, probability profiles and labels
    • Learn when to use certain distributions
    • Learn how to assign labels to identify entities and control rules within your simulation
  • 6
    Simul8 Results & Costs
    • Overview of the Results Manager, KPI History, all object results and custom reports
    • Learn why running Trials are important for simulation accuracy
    • Learn how to use the Profit and Loss calculator to show the immediate return of the simulation
  • 7
    Assignment 2 - "The Airport"
    • Overview of an airport case study
    • Model an airport scenario using Simul8
    • Discussion and analysis of the simulation results
  • 8
    Complex routing & Resources
    • Understand when to use routing conditions such as Route In/ Out, collect, condition and batching
    • State assumptions that need to be made for complex routing decision making
    • Use the Simul8 resource object to model people, skills and equipment
    • Understand how the different parameters of resources act as a constraint on the simulation
  • 9
    Simul8's spreadsheets & Excel connections
    • Learn how Simul8’s internal spreadsheets are used to hold data, reference information and results
    • Learn how to connect Simul8 to Excel spreadsheets by using Simul8’S import and export features
    • Understand the benefits of creating a dynamic simulation
  • 10
    Assignment 3 - "The Manufacturing Line"
    • Overview of a manufacturing line case study
    • Discuss common applications of simulation within manufacturing
    • Model the current as-is baseline of the manufacturing line with Simul8
    • Discussion and analysis of the simulation results
  • 11
    Simul8’s Project Approach
    • Learn Simul8’s 5 step project approach to a simulation
    • Discuss best practices and tips for using Simul8 effectively and efficiently
    • Incorporate the Validation and Verification cycle into the simulation model
    • Understand how you can present ROI from your simulation
  • 12
    Assignment 4 - take-home assignment
    • Post-training class assignment to work on offline
    • Support from Simul8 Consultant to work through your approach and outcome of the assignment
    • Time to reflect with the Simul8 Consultant on next steps and specific project applications

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