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From conformance to excellence:

How simulation unlocks the real value of process mining

Process mining is a tried and tested methodology embraced by enterprise architects and innovation leaders around the world, but is it really being leveraged to its fullest potential?

In this ebook, we’ll explain why combining the power of process mining and simulation modeling will enable you to go ‘beyond conformance’ and reach your business’ true potential, faster.

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Create instant simulations with Process Mining

Our organizations have access to ever-growing volumes of data generated by ERP, CRM, Service Management, BPM and a huge range of other workflow systems. But could we better utilize this data to not just analyze, but improve performance?

With Simul8's Process Mining feature, you can do just that! For the first time, we’re combining the unique strengths of process mining with the limitless experimentation of simulation.

By importing event logs from business information systems, Simul8 applies algorithms to the data to create an instant simulation. Routing arrows, activity timings, arrival schedules and resources are all automatically generated in a matter of seconds.

From operational changes to large-scale transformation, it’s never been faster to start experimenting and testing what-if scenarios to take process performance to radical new levels.

Why Simul8 Process Mining?


Instant simulations from your data

Import event log data and Simul8 will automatically create an instant simulation of the current process - building the structure, adding routing rules and more.


Lightning-fast experimentation and answers

Rapidly test changes to the current process with Simul8’s drag-and-drop interface and checkbox-ready features and see the impact in seconds.


Results at a fraction of the time and cost

Traditional process mining tools can be costly and time-intensive to deploy - the low cost and ease of use of Simul8 means you’ll see value in minutes, not months.

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