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What is OEM?

Simul8 OEM is the white label version of Simul8. This proven simulation software platform enables software developers to quickly integrate process simulation and digital twin functionality into your application. Based on the world leading successful simulation engine Simul8, Simul8 OEM contains a comprehensive set of tools to quickly and seamlessly integrate the power of simulation into you application. You can go to market with a new simulation in weeks, rather than years.

Why Simul8?

Why integrate our simulation engine? We are the only process simulation and simulation digital twin provider with a proven track record in OEMing our engine into partner software applications.

Our Simul8 OEM kit and knowledge is unmatched in the market, so is our simulation engine. Our partners chose our Simul8 engine because:

Simul8 is the only tool to offer build, run and share on both desktop and web. With our FULL engine available on the web, not just a lite version.

Simul8 is the only true low code simulation engine available, which means a radically reduced learning curve for your users.

We have nearly 30 years of features which means there is no scenario that can’t be modeled. Our feature set is unparalleled.

Our OEM Product Benefits

Fast-track your development

Quickly reach your goals with a multitude of ready-to-use tools to produce an easy-to-use, streamlined product that includes only the most relevant simulation functions.

Maximize efficiency as developers focus on your product’s unique functions since the core simulation engine is already built. Customize your application by adding functionality using well-documented APIs.

Develop a custom application

Create a customized look-and-feel through one-of-a-kind images, splash screens, icons, drop-down menus, licensing, naming, and branding. Your product may be built on Simul8 OEM, but the customer will experience an application uniquely yours.

Create custom user documentation and integrated help file system and make use of our XML integration to dynamically create simulations from your existing application model, whether that’s flowchart or object based.

Animation directly inside your tool

Unique to our OEM offering we can draw directly on your application’s canvas to provide you simulation animation that appears native to your application.

Give your users the power of simulation

Contact us to get access to our simulation engine and learn more about how we can seamlessly integrate with your application.

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Case Studies

Find out how these organizations used Simul8 to transform decision-making

Fiat Chrysler
Meeting increased demand without additional costs

Fiat Chrysler improved manufacturing throughput by 39 units and increased revenue by $1,000,000 per day at its Brampton plant.

Memorial Health System
Ensuring the feasibility of investment and expansion

Memorial Health System improved patient waiting times and ensured the feasibility of a $31 million capital investment project.

Virginia DMV
Optimizing staffing to reduce customer wait times

Virginia DMV identified a staffing model to reduce customer waiting times to 20 minutes or less across 74 customer service centres.