SIMUL8 OEM License lets you embed SIMUL8 inside one or more of your software products and resell SIMUL8 at a price that is appropriate for your product.

The SIMUL8 OEM License is SIMUL8 locked up inside your product, so the user of your product has the benefit of SIMUL8 but without the power to use it to build new simulations (they can only use the functionality that you have given them through either a SIMUL8 Template or SIMUL8's OLE Automation COM interface).

OEM licensing is only considered for products that will be available on the open market. (i.e. not for products designed for internal use in a company or sold to a closely restricted set of companies.)

There is a one-off price for setting up SIMUL8 to run locked with your product (minimum $8000) plus a royalty fee percentage of your revenue for the product. This enables you to charge less for your complete product (including the require SIMUL8 technology) than the normal price of the SIMUL8 technology, if this creates a win-win situation for all involved.

SIMUL8 Corporation considers each proposal for an OEM license individually.

Send us a proposal that makes it clear how our total revenue will be higher because this OEM scheme will make it possible to sell many more copies of your product. SIMUL8 Corporation does not consider reducing the price below $1495 for OEM versions of SIMUL8 where such a reduction will not significantly increase SIMUL8 Corporation's revenue.

Email your proposals to here.