Webinar: Balancing Mixed-Model Assembly Lines with Simulation

Mixed model assembly lines are increasingly used by manufacturers to meet the diversified needs of their customers and reduce the costs associated with large product inventories.

In this webinar, automotive simulation expert Brian Harrington explains how simulation tools like SIMUL8 are essential for planning and supporting flexible automotive manufacturing and mixed model assembly.

Webinar highlights

  • Why mixed-model assembly? (4:10)
  • Early planning and decisions (12:47)
  • Applying simulation analysis (18:25)
  • Reducing costs and risks with simulation (41:36)

Watch the webinar

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About the presenter

Brian Harrington is a Six Sigma Black Belt with 20 years operations research and simulation experience at Ford Motor Company. He designs and implements manufacturing process improvements which incorporate many conflicting objectives such as robust, flexible, and lean systems.

Now running his own discrete event simulation specialists firm MTN-SIM LLC, he continues to deliver high quality complex models for a wide range of manufacturing, healthcare, and business process improvements. He also acts as a technical ambassador for SIMUL8 Corporation assisting in teaching, mentoring, marketing, and consulting projects.

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Why is SIMUL8 used in the automotive industry?

Manufacturers and suppliers rely on SIMUL8's discrete event simulation software to maximize productivity, reduce costs and respond more effectively to customer demand.

Design efficient assembly processes

Design efficient assembly processes

Simulation enables design teams to test concepts to maximize throughput, discover bottlenecks and minimize the effects of downtime.

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Make effective operational decisions

Make effective operational decisions

Simulation is used to examine and optimize operational factors, including mixed model assembly, staffing requirements and resource utilization.

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Continuously optimize performance

Continuously optimize performance

Simulation is utilized to optimize key performance metrics including Jobs Per Hour, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and Return on Investment.

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