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Example Simulation: Optimizing an Automotive Body Shop Facility

Simulation provides a risk-free, rapid test-bed for designing and implementing flexible manufacturing facilities that hit target throughput.

In the example automotive body shop simulation below, you can experiment with changing the number of vehicle pallets to balance Jobs Per Hour and efficiency.

Try the automotive body shop simulation

Use the buttons on the left to change the number of vehicle pallets and see the resulting Jobs Per Hour on the right.

Click the 'full screen' button on the ribbon for best experience

Why is simulation used to optimize body shop facilities?

The body shop is an asset intensive facility containing a vast assortment of advanced manufacturing equipment; including welding robots, hydro & laser cutting, delicate dimensional control equipment, and several advanced material handling systems.

In this process, the sheet metal comes together to form the basic shape and style of the vehicle. Usually, the operation will start with an empty pallet; the platform which holds the vehicle in place as it travels through the facility.

A single pallet with all its dimensional control equipment can cost upwards of $25K, and a plant could have over 250 pallets within its system.

With significant budgets involved, the automotive industry relies on simulation software tools like SIMUL8 to plan, design and test new plants and vehicle operations departments in a risk-free environment.

Download the 'Optimizing Your Automotive Facility Design' PDF guide to learn more about how simulation is used in an automotive body shop.

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