Instructor-led training

Simul8 Advanced training classes

Delivered online or in person, our instructor-led advanced courses will accelerate your Simul8 skills and will give you practical training on features and topics relevant to your business challenges.

Our advanced training courses

We have a wide range of short courses to help you scale-up your Simul8 expertise. Pick the courses relevant to you as one-off sessions, or build your own bespoke training program by combining multiple together. Get in touch with our team today to arrange your advanced training.

Create your digital twin with Simul8

Learn about Simul8's external connections and sync your simulations with live data to build digital twins of your process or system for day-to-day, operational decisions.

Power BI

From connecting Simul8 to Power BI to incorporating various sheets, analyzing time interval results and transaction logs, you'll gain valuable insights and techniques to effectively communicate your simulation results to stakeholders and elevate your data visualization game!

Python integration

Harness the power Python to streamline your simulation workflow. Learn how to run Simul8 directly from Python, generate arrival schedules using Python, and even export your simulation results back into Python to create custom PDF reports for your stakeholders.

Build great-looking simulations

Unleash the power of Simul8 to craft visually appealing simulations. Learn about the art of creating captivating simulations effortlessly using features like Image Sets and enhancing stakeholder engagement through intuitive interfaces.

Train the trainer

Are you the Simul8 champion in your organization? Let us help you train others in your organization in yielding the power of Simul8. Learn from our in-house simulation experts who have years of experience of training new Simul8 users.

Visual Logic

You can do almost everything in Simul8 without having to write code. However, if you want deeper customization and dynamic decision-making, our powerful scripting tool Visual Logic can take your simulation to the next level.

Self-building simulations

Learn about the technical aspects of self-building simulations, equipping you with the knowledge and techniques to create dynamic models that adapt and evolve on their own.

Model health check

Join our simulation clinic where one of our Simul8 experts will dive into your simulation to make sure your model is efficient and error-free. They'll make suggestions on how it can be improved with different features or build techniques.

Speed optimization

The faster your simulation runs, the faster your organization makes decisions. We'll show you how to get the most out of your simulation and the resources you can use to make decisions with Simul8 quickly.


Go from asking "what if" to "what's best" with your simulations. We'll explore using optimization with Simul8 and delve into practical examples for using OptQuest.

Healthcare Applications

Increasing bed capacity, improving patient flow, enhancing quality care and so much more - we've done it with Simul8. Learn from our experts as they draw on their experiences of solving some of the world's biggest problems with simulation.

Machine Learning

Learn how to build the rules and timing of your simulation from your data log. No more having to interrogate process owners and data sets to find the unique routing or timing rules, train your Machine Learning algorithm and let Simul8 do the rest!

Validation & Verification

One of our most asked-about topics! Learn our best practices for validating and verifying your simulation model to ensure the business decisions you are making are the correct ones.

Building Adaptable User Interfaces

Discover the secrets to building reusable simulations. We'll show you some invaluable tips to design and build interfaces that seamlessly adapt to new data, enabling users to make quick and informed decisions with just a few button clicks.

Manufacturing Applications

Simulation was born in the manufacturing sector. One of our simulations consultants will draw on their experience and knowledge of using simulation within manufacturing applications. We've worked with some of the world's largest manufacturing and automotive companies will pass on some of their killer tips on the best way to approach manufacturing simulations.

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