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What is optimization?


Optimization is a powerful addition to simulation. Simulation is all about saying what if, and experimenting. As you experiment you gradually work out the best way to configure your process for optimal performance.

But what if you could skip that lengthy process of experimentation? What if rather than getting a range of results you have to decipher, your simulation could tell you exactly the right combination to maximize performance?

With OptQuest you can. OptQuest lets you move from what if to what’s best. It lets you test thousands of different parameter combinations to find the best answer.

Ask questions

Ask questions like:

  • What's the best configuration of machines to maximize throughput?
  • What's the right level of equipment spares to keep production flowing, but not overspend on spare equipment?
  • What's the optimal staffing configuration for my process?
  • How many additional staff do I need to bring patient wait time down to target level?

How does optimization work?


Once you have your simulation built, you set your objective function – what you want to optimize. You might want to maximize throughput, or minimize waiting times. You then add in your constraints, for example the maximum or minimum number of staff you can have. Then you say the parameters you want to experiment with and OptQuest runs simulations of every combination to find out the best combination to hit your objective.

The OptQuest engine using sophisticated machine learning algorithms that learns as it runs the simulations. It can run thousands of simulations really quickly, it doesn’t need to though. It learns as it goes to quickly get you to the best answer.

What are the benefits of OptQuest?

OptQuest pricing

OptQuest is available to purchase with Simul8 annual subscriptions. Add OptQuest to your subscription at checkout.

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$995 per year

If you're already subscribed to Simul8 and would like to add OptQuest, log in to your Simul8 account or get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to adapt my simulation to use OptQuest?

No, build your simulation as normal. Then you set the objective and constraints, you don’t need to edit or adapt your simulation to work with OptQuest.

Can I experiment with anything?

Any variable or simulation object property can be automatically changed through the OptQuest engine. You can’t experiment with structural changes, so for example what if change the process structure so that a senior doctor sees patients first rather than a junior doctor.

Does OptQuest work in Simul8 Online?

Yes! It's fully compatible with our online version. If you’d like to leverage the power of our cloud to run even more optmizations quicker, get in touch. We have customers who run nightly optimizations to work out the right sequence of orders to run down the production line for example.

What versions of Simul8 is OptQuest available for?

The latest OptQuest integration is compatible with Simul8 2022 and later.

Learn how to Optimize with Simul8

Want to get started with OptQuest but not sure how? We deliver personalized one-to-one training at a time that suits you. Get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to discuss your training options.