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SIMUL8 for Healthcare Video Tour

Take an introductory look at SIMUL8's capabilities and see examples of how simulation can be used to solve common challenges, save costs and drive quality improvement in healthcare.

Creating a simulation

1. Creating a simulation

  3 mins

Get an overview of SIMUL8's core simulation objects and how quickly you can create a process flow.

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Adding detail to the simulation

2. Adding detail to the simulation

  6 mins

Learn how to add data to drive your process and set up rules to determine the flow of work.

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Accessing and analyzing results

3. Accessing and analyzing results

  4 mins 30 seconds

See how quickly and easily you can access detailed results for any part of your process.

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SIMUL8 for healthcare examples

In healthcare systems, where multiple variables and significant variation are a daily reality, simulation helps drive changes to improve efficiency and patient safety.

Emergency department example

Emergency department example

  4 mins 30 secs

In this example, SIMUL8 is used to minimize patient wait time, and improve patient flow in an emergency department.

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Patient safety example

Patient safety example

  8 mins

In this example, SIMUL8 is used to reduce the time to deliver medication and improve the patient experience in a hospital.

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