Sequence Of Processing Work

Sequence of processing Work Center Visual Logic.

Before a Work Item is selected for routing in
This logic is processed when there is some chance that the Work Center will be able to load a Work Item. If the Work Center is busy and full this logic is not processed. If there is no available work in feeding simulation objects this logic is not processed.

After loading a Work Item
This logic is processed after a Work Item has been selected and loaded to a Work Center but before the processing time for the Work Item at this Work Center has been set (using the appropriate distribution).

On Work Complete
When a Work Item's processing time ends this logic is obeyed.
Immediately after On Work Complete is obeyed the out going batch size is calculated (from Batching in Routing Out).

Label Actions
For each item in the batch labels are changed and labels action Visual Logic is obeyed. Detail»

Before Exit
When each Work Item leaves the Work Center, and also when the Work Item is blocked. When the item is Blocked the Before Exit Code runs continuously see Before Exit Visual Logic and Label Based Routing

On Exit
When a Work Item is leaving a Work Center this logic is obeyed. This happens before the Work Item actually leaves but after it is determined that it definitely will leave. It is not possible to reroute the Work Item to a different destination at this time. Labels can be changed but these changes will not affect routing. Do not delete the Work Item.

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  • Note for old Simul8 simulations: The above sequence applies to simulations built with Simul8 5 and above. Simulations created with earlier versions, and simulations where Preferences / Compatibility / Use V4 Action Sequence has been checked, will obey a different sequence.