Trace Work Item

Trace Work Item is a run time tool that allows a nominated Work Item to be followed through the simulation. This is important for confirming that the item is being routed and acted upon as it is intended to be acted upon.

One item at a time can be “followed” as it moves through the simulation.

Select an item in a Storage Bin or Work Center by clicking the Contents button and highlighting the item to be traced and checking the Trace in VL check box at the bottom right of the dialog. Do not Reset the simulation.

The simulation will pause when the selected item reaches a point where Visual Logic is acting upon the item. Press the F8 key to step through the Visual Logic as it is executing.

The Trace in VL check box applies to only 1 item in the simulation at a time and applies until the item exits the simulation.

The location and other information of the item is displayed on the Object menu, Advanced, Traced Work Item option.