Process Improvement for Government Bodies

From the Department of Defense to the New Zealand Inland Revenue, SIMUL8 software and consulting has helped public sector and state owned enterprises to improve their business processes.

When you can't afford to make a mistake

Test out ideas with a simulation model first, then make informed, evidence based decisions. In independent tests against competitive products, SIMUL8 has been proven to have unrivalled simulation speed. Coupled with ease of use, and professional support, SIMUL8 is the ideal choice for any organization.

  • Experiment with shared services before implementation
  • Identify cost reductions without impairing performance
  • Improve public sector strategic planning without outsourcing
  • Become more efficient and increase productivity


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Public Sector Simulation Case Studies

SIMUL8 has helped government organizations across the globe improve their processes using simulation. From back offices, to shared services, to lean, simulation helps easily identify and eliminate inefficiencies.


Simulating the impact of a terrorist attack on the US Food supply

The National Center for Food Protection and Defense has used SIMUL8 as a Risk Management tool to simulate the public health system's response in the event of a terrorist attack on the US food supply chain.

Using simulation they are able to understand all angles of a potential terrorist attack and have valuable information to help with the decision making process.

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The UK National Audit Office saved $3million using simulation to reduce costs and improve debt recovery.


A strategic 25 year simulation to predict future demand and inform current procurement.


As strike action by the UK Fire Service became likely, a back up plan was needed urgently to ensure public safety.


Determining the feasibility of a shared service. NZIR needed to be able to plan staffing at a national rather than regional level.


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