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Simulation software for government and justice system process improvement

SIMUL8 simulation software is used by government bodies to make evidence-based policy decisions, improve program outcomes and deliver services more efficiently to the public.

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Why is simulation software used by government and justice systems?

Government and justice systems are complex with a wide range of internal and external variables that can impact performance.

Accounting for the short and long-term variability of factors like population growth and change, as well as new political ideas, changes in the economy and social technology developments make it challenging to understand the true impact of any process or policy changes.

This is why simulation software is used by decision makers, policy analysts and business transformation professionals at the municipal, provincial, state and federal level. By testing changes to processes and policies using simulation before implementation, you can thoroughly evaluate the short and long-term impacts and optimize plans in a risk-free environment.

The insight from simulation enables government and justice departments to build stronger business cases, make fact-based policy decisions, reduce costs, improve program outcomes and deliver public services more efficiently.

"Simulation offers a unique tool to simultaneously consider multiple factors and estimate all future customer wait times. As a result, our capacity has improved to plan around trends and future initiatives."

Carrie Thompson, Senior Policy Analyst, Virginia Department Of Motor Vehicles

What can simulation be used for?

SIMUL8 has helped government organizations across the globe improve their processes and solve a range of challenges. From back offices, to shared services, to digital transformation, our simulation software helps easily identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

Optimize services, resources and budgets

Taking into account factors like the expense of capital equipment and volume of people using services, simulation can help you generate an accurate breakdown of the costs for any given policy or scenario.

Simulation can also be used at every stage of workforce planning to ensure that staff are available in the right numbers, with the right skill mix, to deliver efficient public services at an optimum cost.

Evaluate the short and long-term impact of policy

Measure the impact of policies in seconds by running simulations 2, 10 or 100 years into the future to make evidence-based decisions now - instead of when it could be too late to change the outcome.

As simulation allows you to compare different configurations under the exact same circumstances, you can pinpoint a solution that will provide the best performance.

Create and test emergency response plans in a risk-free environment

Simulation can be used to develop and test plans and procedures for scenarios that may be difficult or costly to replicate in real-life, such as emergency response planning that requires co-ordinated effort across different departments and organizations.

Develop engaging business cases for digital transformation initiatives

Simulation can help organizations to plan and implement successful transformation projects by engaging in reaching a shared understanding of current processes, as well as identifying the impact and costs of digitizing and automating processes.

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SIMUL8 government simulation case studies


Testing the operational and long-term impact of policy decisions using simulation

With many factors and risks to consider, identifying the impact of policy change can be a challenge.

In this webinar SIMUL8 Head of Customer Success, Tom Stephenson, discusses the benefits of using simulation for evaluating policy changes using real-life examples from healthcare to smart cities.

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Tom Stephenson

Why do government bodies use SIMUL8?

Our simulation software combines ease of use with powerful features to help government departments to make rapid, evidence-based decisions.

Powerful, but easy to use

Simulate any government process, no matter the size or complexity. Quickly build simulations with a drag and drop interface and utilize Visual Logic coding language to customize any aspect to your exact needs.

Fast, accurate results

With the fastest simulation engine available, you and your stakeholders will get quick insight to make effective decisions. Extensive results can be customized and exported in a range of formats.

Import your data

Drive simulations that reflect the real-life variability that can affect your processes using built-in statistical distributions or connect to your own data from Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++.

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