Key SIMUL8 release features

We have added a wide range of valuable features over the past few SIMUL8 releases including run speed improvements, increased accuracy of results, and online sharing.

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SIMUL8 2018 key features

Route Out By Condition

Set multiple conditions where, if met, work items will be sent down that route.

Route Out By Sequence

Define a repeating sequence to specify the destination works items will be routed to.

Arrival Planner

An improved solution for setting arrivals across days, week or months.

Central Label Editor

A centralized interface for easily editing Labels and their functions.

Activity Timing By Label

Quickly add and edit variable process times using Labels.

Quick Build

Instantly build simulations based on spreadsheet data inputs.

SIMUL8 2017 key features

Share your simulations

SIMUL8 Studio allows you to upload, share and view simulations online with anyone.

Increased trial speed

Improved parallel processing performance so you can run trials even faster.

Work item tracking

A debugging tool to help determine the correct flow of work items and resources.

Custom UI enhancements

Creating custom user interfaces for simulations is now even more intuitive.

SIMUL8 2016 key features

Power & Free Conveyors

Capture realistic and complex process behavior in your simulation with our new conveyor types.


Build extra realism into your simulation to increase the accuracy of results and gain a greater understanding of the impact of overtime on the system.

Tabs & HTML Dialogs

Create interactive dashboards for your simulations to help decision makers navigate, change parameters and analyze your simulation results.

SIMUL8 2015 key features

Variable Collect

Allowing you to choose how many work items need to be collected based on a Work Items Label value.

Time Interval Results

Analyze your KPIs by custom intervals using Time Interval Results.

Scheduled Maintenance

Define planned maintenance events on any activity using the calendar.


Allowing you to have a better understanding of the risk and error of your simulation runs to support decision making.

SIMUL8 2014 key features

Travel Time Matrix

See all of your objects at a glance and edit the travel times between all relevant objects using just one menu.

Resource Schedule

Quickly vary the number of resources on shift by periods of the day and create unique shift patterns.

Resource individuality

Ensure the same resource who has worked on a task at one stage in the process is assigned to the same work at a later stage.

Resource Pools within pools

Create pools of resources within pools to give you even more flexibility when allocating resources in your simulation.

Syntax Highlighting

Improve the efficiency of debugging using our completely customizable syntax highlighting.

New Coding Features

Updates to Multidimensional Arrays and enhanced our Visual Logic commands to improve your control over your simulation.

SIMUL8 2013 key features

State Charts

Make decisions based on the status of work items at any stage of a simulation run with instant data visualization.

Excel Wizard

Import your data from Microsoft Excel® in just 3 clicks.

AutoCAD® import

Import drawings from the latest version of AutoCAD® into your simulation.

Enhanced Data Visualization

View routing information on hover, instantly see hotspots in your process and more.

SIMUL8 2012 key features

BPMN Objects

Draw BPM Diagrams straight into SIMUL8 use simulation to optimize your entire business process from end-to-end.

New Lean Features

Value Stream Mapping, Value Add Time, Lead Time Cycle Charts and more.

Improved interface

New look objects with more intuitive names and new paddle for faster modeling.

Spreadsheet and Scripting

Drag and drop sliders onto your simulation window to instantly change values and test scenarios.

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