SIMUL8 Simulation Software Feature Tour - scripting

SIMUL8 Tour - Scripting

SIMUL8 comes with our powerful scripting language Visual Logic, designed specifically for simulation to maximize execution speed and ease of use. Visual Logic ensures there is no process that can't be simulated with SIMUL8. If we haven't created the check box you need, Visual Logic lets you build in detailed logic to describe exactly how you want your simulation to behave.

This is just an overview of the Visual Logic basics. For more detailed information, visit our help files.

Where you can use Visual Logic

You can use Visual Logic in lots of places throughout your simulation including:

  • On Simulation open
  • On Start Run
  • On End Run
  • On time check
  • In Queues
  • In Activities
  • On Button Click
  • And much more...

More details on where you can use Visual Logic

Writing Visual Logic

The Visual Logic editor is designed to free you from needing to remember syntax. The menus guide you though every step in creating Visual Logic.

Frequent user? You can choose to type the logic by hand, and make use of the brilliant predictive text feature.


Visual Logic can be used to do anything, from finding, to creating, to changing, to displaying. You can view a full list of commands here.

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