SIMUL8 Simulation Software Feature Tour - Share your simulations

SIMUL8 Tour - Share your simulations

Create your most engaging report ever and share your simulation with stakeholders to increase engagement and transform decision making in your organization.

Use our custom interface features to give your users the experience you want, you won't have to teach them our software, just share your insight.


SIMUL8 offers a product designed specifically for team collaboration. Find out more about SIMUL8 Team

Create Your Own Interface

Custom dialogs
Custom dialogs allow SIMUL8 to be tailored to the specific needs of a business. Dialogs can appear as individually or as "Wizards" in a series to talk people through how to use your simulation.
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Buttons and Hyperlinks on Screen
Any text or image placed on any SIMUL8 simulation window can be active, linking to any page on the internet, your intranet, text files, help documents, custom dialogs, or to any Visual Logic in your simulation.
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Share your simulation with others

SIMUL8 Studio
SIMUL8 simulation software is the only simulation engine that can run directly on the web, no downloads required. Share your simulations easily online. No installation of any software. No licensing for end users.
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Control SIMUL8 From Your Own Application

Using a standard Windows COM interface you can use any COM application to control SIMUL8 without user intervention.
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Run .exe and Call Dlls
You can also run customized interfaces from .Exe. SIMUL8 lets you call your own compiled programs. This allows you to create your own interface for your simulations and also incorporate your own processing code into your simulation, for example if you have your own optimization algorithm you wish to use.

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