SIMUL8 Simulation Software Feature Tour - real life data

SIMUL8 Tour - Simulate Real Life Situations

Import the data and information from your real life processes and test out possible situations, or scenarios, to see what would happen. SIMUL8 adds in real life variability to make sure the results are as accurate as possible.

Simulation Time

SIMUL8 allows you to forecast years into the future in a matter of seconds - here are just a few of the features which help to make it easy and accurate.

Set your simulation objects to work to a calendar and control the times they and your resources work and rest (up and down time). Set holidays and other special days and even be different for every object and resource in your simulation if necessary!

Shift patterns lets you say at what times of day parts of your simulation work.

Run, Step and Reset
These simple controls allow you to get your simulation to exactly the time you need it. You can step through event by event, reset all results and start fresh - or even run it backwards!.

Random Numbers
Random numbers enable a simulation model to include the variability that occurs in real life.



You know how your process behaved in the past, now you want to forecast into the future. Using statistical distributions based on your past data not only allows you to do this, but SIMUL8 also calculates the "randomness" of real life to ensure results are as accurate as possible. SIMUL8 provides a full range of statistical distributions and allows you to create your own.

Don't know what type of distribution your data fits into? Use SIMUL8's Stat::Fit to work it out for you.

Stat::Fit is only included with SIMUL8 Professional, but is available as a plug-in for SIMUL8 Basic.

More on Distributions

Need to more about the data SIMUL8 can handle? From multi-dimensional arrays to how to control global variables, check out our help files for more details

Import and Export Data

SIMUL8 has an internal spreadsheet program very like Excel to allow you to easily import and record data. You can also easily import and export to Microsoft Excel

Using the latest Windows standards SIMUL8 COM can be used to communicate with and control SIMUL8 from other applications, like Excel, VBA, VB, C++, Delphi and any other ActiveX /COM supporting software.
More on COM

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SIMUL8 can be controlled using Command Script and import and export:


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