SIMUL8 Professional

Powerful software for rapid and flexible simulation modeling.

SIMUL8 Professional provides the features and insight to enable fast, evidence-based decisions.

$ 4995

Get fast results with our flagship simulation software

Combining ease of use with a host of advanced features, SIMUL8 Professional is the simulation software of choice for both new users and experts across a range of industries.

From strategic to operational, simple to complex, enable your organization to make fast, confident decisions, backed by simulation insight and evidence.

Build simulations quickly with powerful features and flexibility

Simulate any process and experiment with changes in a risk-free, cost-effective environment.

From top-level strategic analysis to operational designs, quickly create simulations using SIMUL8's intuitive drag and drop interface and utilize Visual Logic coding language for advanced customization.

With the fastest simulation engine available, you can spend less time building simulations and more time experimenting to get the answers you need to make decisions.

Power simulations from any data source

Make more informed decisions with accurate, exportable simulation results.

Utilize SIMUL8's built-in statistical distributions or import your own data from Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++, to drive simulations that reflect the real life variability that can affect processes.

SIMUL8 provides extensive results in a range of export formats, as well as the ability to customize reports to highlight results that are most relevant to you or stakeholders.

SIMUL8 Studio

Visualize processes and share simulations online

Communicate process improvement ideas and engage your stakeholders.

SIMUL8 provides a visual, animated and interactive approach to represent a system in action. Simulation enables you to demonstrate different scenarios and communicate the impact of changes to build stakeholder understanding and engagement.

Using our online platform, SIMUL8 Studio, you can upload and share simulations with anyone - with no need to install software.

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The simulation tool of choice

For over 20 years, SIMUL8's software has been used by leading organizations to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

American Red Cross


Fiat Chrysler improved manufacturing throughput by 39 units and increased revenue by $1,000,000 per day at its Brampton plant.

"SIMUL8 is fast and easy to learn. It's quick to do a study which makes it an ideal tool for getting the results we need to make fast but thorough decisions."

Memorial Health System

Memorial Health System improved patient waiting times and ensured the feasibility of a $31 million operating room expansion.

"SIMUL8 has been valuable for expanding our range and depth of analytical abilities. It should be considered an important tool in every process improvement program."

Virginia DMV

Virginia DMV identified a staffing model to reduce customer waiting times to 20 minutes or less across 74 customer service centres statewide.

"Simulation offers a unique tool to simultaneously consider multiple factors. As a result of using SIMUL8, our capacity has improved to plan around trends and future initiatives."

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SIMUL8 Professional Plus

Combine SIMUL8 Professional with online coaching and priority support to rapidly achieve simulation success.

$ 7495


Empower your team with SIMUL8 software, customized onsite training, as well as support and updates.

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