SIMUL8-Planner is unique in combining the benefits of simulation technology with a powerful approach to production planning and scheduling. This approach results in the delivery of a feasible and efficient real-time production schedule, proven to be achievable in a risk and cost free environment, immediately transferable to the plant floor.

Implemented across a number of manufacturing sectors including Steel Production, Composite Manufacturing and Food Processing to name only a few, SIMUL8-Planner provides an environment to incorporate detailed sequencing rules, provide customized reports and schedules for each work station, ready for execution on the shop-floor.

Our team of scheduling consultants work with each customer through the implementation of SIMUL8 Planner to ensure a smooth implementation, and ensure end users are fully trained in how to use the SIMUL8-Planner technology and achieve the benefits the solution provides.

Because SIMUL8-Planner's core technology builds upon SIMUL8's market leading simulation technology, production schedulers now have the ability to carry out "What-If Analysis" of the production plan, Improve Order Due Date Conformance and Reduce Inventory Requirements.

Where appropriate SIMUL8-Planner can be linked directly to any existing ERP or legacy system, providing a fully integrated planning and scheduling system that both meets high level planning objectives, but is also proven to be achievable on the shop floor.

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