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Simulation Framework
Drag and drop interface for ease of use
Build, view and run simulations of any size
Run simulations in seconds with the fastest simulation engine available (proven in independent tests)
Fully integrated 2D and 3D animation Limited
Unlimited hierarchical layers and sub simulations
Range of monitoring and verification tools Limited
Connect to your own data for real results Limited
17 distributions provided or create your own
Flexible routing control with advanced logic for simulating kanban, job shop and other systems Limited
Advanced breakdown and repair control
Rapid simulation of complex systems using flexible standard object library
Flexible resources with moveable workers, dynamic rule selection and flexible work schedules
Material Handling (conveyors, transporters, vehicles)
Continuous flow simulation
VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation)
Create and share your own custom libraries
Results manager providing high level summary statistics down to individual object and transaction details
Real time results onscreen and in the Analytics Panel
Define your own tailored results
Dynamic Lead Time chart
Gantt charts for analyzing activity states
Customizable onscreen charts dynamically updated at run time
Mimic real life conditions with non-empty start and warm up
Confidence intervals with Trials (replications)
Trial Calculator to calculate the number of replications needed for statistical accuracy
Result export templates for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Create and export custom reports
Quickly compare the results that matter with KPI History
Carbon Footprint calculator
Finance reporting
Visual Display and Animation
Full image Libraries with 100s of graphics
Integrated and customizable 2D animation
Integrated and customizable 3D animation
Import 3D objects directly from Google Warehouse
Realistic graphics, import photos, CAD drawings and more Limited
Onscreen metrics and fully animated data graphics
Queue Visualization for onscreen results
Advanced Analysis
Distribution fitting using Stat::Fit Sold separately
Distribution sensitivity analysis
Optimize your simulation with Optquest Sold separately
Automatically test multiple configurations with Scenario Manager
Distribute simulation runs across your network
Use simulation results from one simulation to generate the inputs for other simulations
Complete Random Number individual stream control
Option to use your own Random Number Generator
Map simulation time directly to real world time with calendars
Developer Power
SIMUL8's powerful coding language Visual Logic compiled for speed with thousands of dedicated simulation commands
Create your own Visual Logic libraries, share between simulations and with others
Optimize coding performance with Visual Logic Speed Analyzer
Command Builder for drag & drop code building
Predictive text and auto-complete for fast editing
Call DLLs and other applications for additional computational power
Control SIMUL8 from the command line with command script
Syntax Highlighting for fast debugging
Control of and by other applications through COM /API
Track and apply changes between multiple simulations for easy team collaboration
Read and write to any databases with SQL/ODBC (by user driven events and at run time)
Import to and export from Microsoft Excel (by user driven events and at run time)
Import from Visio and many other industry standard process mapping tools
Import from XPDL and BPMN 2.0
Export directly to Minitab
Import AutoCAD drawings
Import from many simulation software tools via SDX and other native importers
SIMUL8 XML format
Export to PDF to share results
Security, Uploads & Sharing
Create custom interfaces for your simulation with buttons, wizards, annotations and more, for easy sharing Limited
Upload your simulations online using SIMUL8 Studio
Share your simulations publicly or privately online using SIMUL8 Studio
Password protect any simulation and individual code sections
Training features included as standard Limited With Professional Plus Training for 6 people included
Optional training and coaching options available
Free tutorial videos
24hr online support
Priority support With Annual Maintenance With Annual Maintenance
(included with Professional Plus)
Simulation Assistant for alerts and help
Huge bank of online help files
Toll-free phone support
Licensing Options
Network License Available Available Included

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