SIMUL8 Feature List - Help

The features below are designed to give you all the help you need to learn SIMUL8.

Getting Started Mode

SIMUL8 includes an onscreen tutorial that guides you through building your first simulation.

Allows new users access to a streamlined version of SIMUL8.

The more complicated features are turned off for quicker modeling of the basics.

Advanced /experienced users can switch to advanced mode at any time.

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Help Files

Available in SIMUL8 side panel, and is on by default for new SIMUL8 Users.

Automatically downloads an update when available so always the most up to date version.

A link is provided within the SIMUL8 Window to view online.

SIMUL8 Online help Files -

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Bubble Help

Hover your mouse over anything in SIMUL8 and on-screen bubble help will display. This help contains extensive textual descriptions and tells you how to use the feature.

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Expert Help System

The SIMUL8 Assistant uses Expert System technology to help you get your model right.

It watches your simulation and the way you are using it to provide advice when it might be appropriate to do so. You know when the assistant has some advice when the SIMUL8 Assistant icon on the tool bar will light up.

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Example Library

SIMUL8 comes with an extensive library of example simulations. The examples demonstrate SIMUL8 features and how they can be used to simulate various scenarios.

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Online Help

We provided a variety of resources online at to help you

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Free Support

All registered users receive free feature support.

  • SIMUL8 Basic - free support for the life of the version
  • SIMUL8 Professional - 1 year's free support

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