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SIMUL8 Basic

$1995 per license

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SIMUL8 Professional

$4995 per license

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Simulation framework
Build, view and run simulations of any size
Connect to your own data for real results Limited
Run simulations in seconds with the fastest simulation engine available
17 distributions provided or create your own
Flexible routing control with advanced logic for simulating kanban, job shop and other systems Limited
Rapid simulation of complex systems using flexible standard object library
Flexible resources with movable workers, dynamic rule selection and flexible work schedules
Material Handling (conveyors, transporters, vehicles)
VSM (Value Stream Mapping)
BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation)
Continuous flow simulation
Create and share your own custom libraries
Results manager providing high level summary statistics down to individual object and transaction details
Define your own tailored results
Customizable onscreen charts dynamically updated at run time
Result export templates for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Create and export custom reports
Finance reporting
Export to PDF to share results
Visual display and animation
Built-in graphics library
Integrated and customizable 2D animation
Onscreen metrics and fully animated data graphics
Realistic graphics, import photos, CAD drawings and more Limited
Advanced Analysis
Distribution fitting using Stat::Fit Sold separately
Distribution sensitivity analysis
Optimize your simulation with OptQuest Sold separately
Automatically test multiple configurations with Scenario Manager
Use simulation results from one simulation to generate the inputs for other simulations
Advanced Customization
SIMUL8's powerful coding language Visual Logic
Read and write to any databases with SQL/ODBC (by user driven events and at run time)
Import to and export from Microsoft Excel (by user driven events and at run time)
Import from Visio and many other industry standard process mapping tools
Import from XPDL and BPMN 2.0
Import AutoCAD drawings
SIMUL8 XML format
Security, uploads and sharing
Create custom interfaces for your simulation with buttons, wizards, annotations and more, for easy sharing Limited
Upload and share your simulations online using SIMUL8 Studio
Password protect any simulation and individual code sections
Training and support
Training features included as standard
Optional training and coaching options available
Simulation Assistant for alerts and help
Online help files
Toll-free phone support
Priority support With Annual Maintenance With Annual Maintenance
Multiple user licensing options
Number of users per license as standard 1 1 3
SIMUL8 Network license available
SIMUL8 Online available
Use your license to build, run and save simulations on the web With Annual Maintenance With Annual Maintenance Included free for one year

SIMUL8 product FAQs

How does pricing work?

SIMUL8 for desktop is offered as a perpetual software license and can be used indefinitely with a one-time payment. Access to SIMUL8 Online is included with an Annual Maintenance subscription. View more pricing details here.

How do I purchase a license?

You can buy most versions of SIMUL8 on our store. You can also contact our team to make payment via invoice.

Can I purchase multiple licenses for my team or organization?

Yes, you can buy multiple SIMUL8 Basic or Professional licenses. SIMUL8 Team and Network are specifically designed as a cost-effective solution for sharing the benefits of simulation across your organization. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Can I get a trial of SIMUL8?

You can start a trial on our website or you can also contact our team to find out more and arrange a trial.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, SIMUL8 comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

What is Annual Maintenance and what are the benefits?

Annual Maintenance ensures you are on the most up-to-date feature version of SIMUL8. In addition to software updates, you'll receive access to SIMUL8 Online and priority support from our expert simulation team. Annual Maintenance is available with all SIMUL8 products and has a yearly recurring subscription fee.

What is SIMUL8 Online?

SIMUL8 Online enables you to use your SIMUL8 Basic or Professional license to build, run and save simulations on the web without any installation or downloads required. Access to SIMUL8 Online is available with an active Annual Maintenance subscription.

What support options are available?

We have a dedicated support team to answer any technical questions. SIMUL8 customers with Annual Maintenance also receive priority support.

What software updates do you provide?

Fixes and improves are included as standard with your license. You can upgrade to our latest feature release with Annual Maintenance.

What training options are available?

We have a range of training options to help you quickly get the most from SIMUL8 including training classes, online coaching, e-learning and consulting. Training can also be delivered on-site at your organization.

What are the system requirements for SIMUL8?

SIMUL8 will run well on most modern PC hardware. See our SIMUL8 system requirements page for more details.

I have a previous version of SIMUL8, can I upgrade?

Yes, contact our team for details and upgrade pricing.

Is SIMUL8 used in my industry?

SIMUL8 is used across a wide range of industries. You can also read our customer case studies to see detailed examples.

Does SIMUL8 support OptQuest?

The OptQuest optimization engine is included with SIMUL8 Professional. SIMUL8 Basic users can purchase an OptQuest plug-in.

Can I integrate SIMUL8 into my product or service?

Yes, offline or online, we have integration frameworks to support your needs. Contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer SIMUL8 for education institutions?

Yes, learn more about our Educational Site License.

I have more questions

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