AutoMod Alliance

What is AutoMod?

AutoMod is a simulation package produced by Brooks Software, a division of Brooks Automation and offered by SIMUL8 Corporation to customers with specific specialist needs.

Brooks Software, provider of AutoMod, and SIMUL8 Corporation, have formed an alliance in the simulation software industry.

AutoMod and SIMUL8 are very complementary simulation products. We believe there are specific areas of application for each product. SIMUL8 excels in conceptual modeling (i.e. flow charting, BPR, etc), where AutoMod excels in realistic, highly detailed modeling.

We believe that customers want the answer to the question: "What simulation product is best for me?". We are available to discuss your requirements and recommend the right product for your application.

Talk to us about AutoMod if you answer yes to these questions:

  • Are you at the point in your project where you have a first cut layout of your operation?
  • Is material handling and movement important to your overall operation. For example, do you have conveyors, lift trucks, robots, or other automation handling parts or products? Typical application areas include warehousing, baggage handling, automotive manufacturing.
  • Do spatial requirements affect your operation? For example, the size of product and how product fits in buffers and automation.
  • Is visualization important to project team members? For example, will 3D Virtual Reality (VR) animation help management better understand new operational concepts?

What are the advantages of owning both products?

As your design evolves from initial ideas to the final concept, employing two simulation tools will help you answer the right questions. The combination of AutoMod and SIMUL8 provides the appropriate level of detail analysis throughout the evaluation process.

For example, if you have not yet laid out your facility, and are only concerned with flow, queuing, and machine utilization, then SIMUL8 is the appropriate tool. If however, you are evaluating design alternatives with layout and material handling components, then AutoMod is the right tool.

If I use SIMUL8 and AutoMod, will I have to build the model twice?

A prototype translator has been developed to migrate SIMUL8 models to AutoMod. The prototype translator development is ongoing. If you are interested in this link please email We are collecting user comments on feature requirements and will announce a release date soon.

How Can I Learn More About Automod?

Please call (800) 547-6024 or email to review your simulation requirements.

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