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We work closely with our users to continually develop practical features that reduce time to build simulations and enable faster, informed decisions.

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Quick to learn and use

The faster you can build a simulation, the more experiments you can run to get the results you need to make stronger, evidence-based decisions.

Every feature in SIMUL8 has been carefully designed to maximize ease of use and speed of build. For example, the Paddle allows you to quickly create simulations by simply using the arrows around an object to quickly link to and create new objects.

SIMUL8 objects

Flexibility to simulate any process

SIMUL8 features

Every simulation is created by dragging and dropping objects on screen. Adding detail to these objects creates a simulation that accurately represents your real-life process.

SIMUL8 is unique. We purposely use a limited number of object types to ensure it’s as fast as possible for you to learn and use. Each of these objects are incredibly powerful and can simulate anything you need to. From strategic to operational, simple to complex, you can quickly and accurately simulate your process with SIMUL8.

Features for building simulations

Start Point and End Points

These are where work first appears and where work that is complete leaves your simulation.


A place where work takes place on Work Items, and can be anything from a machine to a reception desk.


A place where work to be done can wait until appropriate resources or Activities are available.


Resources could be a member of staff, or a piece of equipment that an Activity needs before it can start work.

Work Items

Individual work items flow through the objects in the simulation. For example products in a factory, patients in a hospital, invoices in an Accounts department. Work Items are intelligent entities so it's also possible to use SIMUL8 to conduct agent based simulation.


Grouping simulation objects allows you to quickly and easily control and duplicate areas of your simulation.


Objects that simulate real-life conveyors, making it easy to simulate a factory in just a few clicks.

Transport Objects

These include Paths, Path Networks, Loaders, Vehicles Classes and Vehicles and are designed to allow users to simulate material handling scenarios.


Create your own simulation objects and add them to SIMUL8's standard objects to speed up simulation build time.

Tanks & Pipes

Tanks handle liquids or other materials that are best measured in volume rather than discrete units. Pipes handle the flow between Tanks.


A special Activity combined with a conveyor to simulate long ovens (or similar equipment) that continuously batch or process large volumes of material. For example, a batch of ingredients being converted into millions of cookies.

You know how your process behaved in the past, now you want to forecast into the future. Using statistical distributions based on your past data not only allows you to do this, but SIMUL8 also calculates the "randomness" of real-life to ensure results are as accurate as possible.

Distributions included in SIMUL8 include:

  • Exponential
  • Fixed
  • Normal
  • Uniform
  • Average
  • Beta
  • Bernoulli
  • Binomial
  • Erlang
  • Gamma
  • Geometric
  • Log Normal
  • Negative Binomial
  • Pearson V
  • Pearson VI
  • Poisson
  • Rounded Uniform
  • Triangular
  • Weibull

SIMUL8 also allows you to create your own distributions. SIMUL8 Professional also includes Stat::Fit to help you identify what type of distribution your data fits in to.

Routing Arrows

Objects are connected by drawing routing arrows between them. Routing arrows show all the possible routes a work item could take. Rules can be attached to these arrows to control the way work flows.

Travel Time

For each routing link that work items travel, a travel time can be specified.

Routing In

This is a way of controlling how a Work Items are selected by an Activity, and how it accepts this work (e.g. in batches, when other work complete etc.)

Routing Out

This is how to control where Work Items are sent to from an Activity, Start Point or Conveyor.

Jobs Matrix

The jobs matrix controls complex routings and timings, for instance if an Activity will feed Work Items out to different destinations depending of the type of work.

Cycle Matrix

This feature makes it very easy to simulate situations where work is described as a series of operations on one or more machines.

Fast results for confident decisions

Results give the insight you need to understand your process, confidence to make strong decisions, and evidence to justify your recommendations to stakeholders.

SIMUL8 provides extensive results in a variety of formats and provides total flexibility so there is no result that can't be accessed. We’ve focused the design of results so ‘gold nuggets’ won't get lost in a mass of data.

Results features

Object and Group Results

You can collect and review measures of performance for all simulation objects. Results are so easy to view - you can even hover your mouse over an object and the results are displayed. If objects are grouped, collective results can be displayed.

Financial Results

SIMUL8 can display an interactive Profit and Loss statement for each simulation and the ability to calculate the bottom line profit.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Ensure your processes are green as well as optimized. You can track the carbon footprint of your process with SIMUL8. (Available with SIMUL8 Professional)

Results Manager

A central location giving you access to all your results makes it fast to perform in-depth analysis of your simulations and build customized reports.


A series of runs of your simulation that are performed with the all the same parameters in the simulation except for the random numbers. A trial provides information about how variable the weeks are and how accurate you can expect your results to be.

Scenario Manager and Comparison

Run a large number of Trials or Runs automatically with any number of configurations of any properties or variables and compare how one scenario performed against another using customizable spider diagrams and data tables.


OptQuest for SIMUL8 enables the user to find the best answer to the 'what-if' questions in their simulations. They can quickly determine what combination of variables results will achieve their objectives.

Exporting results

Any result collected in SIMUL8 can be exported directly into Excel, Minitab or R automatically. You can also write results out to a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint Template.

Graphs and Charts

Display results in a variety of ways using graphs and charts:

  • Time Graphs give a visual insight into the performance of part of a simulation
  • Business Graphs use SIMUL8's internal spreadsheets to create graphs of any results
  • Gantt Charts provide an attention grabbing view across your whole simulation run
  • Customizable Charts allow you to define your own chart and customize their display
  • On screen Charts allow you to display graphs as part of your simulation.
  • Visualize your results using R Shiny (Available with SIMUL8 Professional)
SIMUL8 results

Advanced customization options

SIMUL8 Visual Logic

SIMUL8 Professional includes our powerful scripting language, Visual Logic, designed specifically for simulation to maximize execution speed and ease of use.

Visual Logic ensures there is no process that can’t be simulated within SIMUL8. If we haven’t already created a checkbox feature, Visual Logic will enable you to describe exactly how you want your simulation to behave.

Intuitive editor for both new and power users

For new users, the Visual Logic editor is designed to reduce the need to remember syntax and menus guide you though every step. For power users, you can choose to type the logic by hand and make use of the predictive text feature.

Connect to your data and technology stack

SIMUL8 is compatible with many data sources and business tools. You can import data and information about your process and test changes or scenarios to see the impact. SIMUL8 incorporates real life-variability to ensure results are as accurate as possible.


SIMUL8 has an internal spreadsheet editor similar to Excel to allow you to easily import and record data. You can also easily import and export directly to Microsoft Excel itself.


Using the latest Windows standards SIMUL8 COM can be used to communicate with and control SIMUL8 from other applications, like Excel, VBA, VB, C++, Delphi and any other ActiveX /COM supporting software.

R Integration

This feature enables you to quickly export the results of simulation runs and trials directly to R, reducing the steps needed to start filtering and aggregating your data.

Other software links

SIMUL8 can be controlled using Command Script and import and export from:

  • XML
  • SQL Databases
  • Business Process Management and flowcharting software including Microsoft Visio files
SIMUL8 internal spreadsheets

Engage stakeholders with your simulations

SIMUL8 simulation software

Simulations are as much a communication tool as they are an analysis and decision-making tool. From animation to image importers, SIMUL8 incorporates many features to help leverage your simulation as a powerful engagement tool.

More details

SIMUL8 contains a range of visualization features including the ability to:

  • Choose images from files on your computer
  • Create new images inside SIMUL8
  • Rotate, mirror and flip images on the simulation window
  • Draw on the simulation window
  • Insert Background images as a backdrop to your simulation

Results on screen

Quickly see what's happening in your simulation by displaying results that dynamically update as the simulation is running.

Visual Data

Any text or numeric variable can be displayed in the simulation window.

Data Graphics

Display information graphically by using mini charts and other icons that dynamically change - for instance, fuel gauges going up and down.

Data Grids

Display tables on screen with values that are updated as your simulation runs - a powerful method of displaying inputs and outputs in your simulation.

Data bars

Show the value of your variable on screen using a Data Bar - use them to create compelling animated displays and even your own bar charts.

Add interactive elements to your simulations to easily allow stakeholders to experiment with their own changes.

Custom dialogs

Custom dialogs allow SIMUL8 to be tailored to the specific needs of a business. Dialogs can appear as individually or as 'Wizards' in a series to talk people through how to use your simulation.

Buttons and hyperlinks on screen

Any text or image placed on any SIMUL8 simulation window can be active, linking to any page on the internet, text files, help documents, custom dialogs, or to any Visual Logic in your simulation.

When you are ready to share your simulation with stakeholders, SIMUL8 Studio enables you to run your simulations online, no downloads required.

By sharing simulations with your stakeholders, SIMUL8 Studio will help you to increase project buy-in and facilitate collaborative decision making.

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