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Turn business challenges into solutions faster with SIMUL8

Rapidly experiment with business processes using intuitive simulation software for desktop and web.

Test your ideas and discover ways to step-change performance - all in less time than other simulation tools.

Why choose SIMUL8?

Actionable results, not just simulation models

Rapidly simulate processes and get accurate results without the unnecessary complexity of 3D models that don’t add value.

Simulate and solve any business challenge

Model any business challenge using a powerful combination of simulation modeling techniques and checkbox-ready features.

Build, run and share on desktop and the web

The only industry vendor to offer the ability to build, visualize and analyze simulations across both desktop and the web.

Innovation driven by our users

Our development roadmap is voted by our users, ensuring every feature helps you to deliver faster solutions for your business.

Flexibility to simulate any scenario with ease

From operational to strategic, SIMUL8's suite of simulation capabilities give you the ability to model and solve all types of business challenges.

Discrete event simulation

Most businesses solve their challenges using discrete event simulations. SIMUL8 enables you to rapidly simulate any existing or proposed system as a sequence of steps, in a similar way to drawing a flow chart.

You could test changes to manufacturing routing and batching rules, scheduled events like inventory arriving or see the impact of random events like breakdowns.

Designed for rapid process experimentation

We believe simulations should be about rapid iterations and results to discover the best process improvement solutions.

SIMUL8’s drag-and-drop interface and intelligent simulation objects are designed to maximize ease of use and speed of build. Each of these objects are incredibly powerful and can be used to simulate every aspect of your process or system.

You can also group parts of your simulation into reusable Components that allow you to quickly incorporate frequently used equipment, resources and process steps to further mimimize build time.

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Fast, accurate results for confident decision-making

SIMUL8 results

Simulation should be about actionable insight and results, not just building models.

Results are key to showing how your process is performing and what changes will be most effective.

Every object in SIMUL8 can automatically generate results, backed by features to help collate and analyze them. Our analysis tools have been designed to help you focus on the KPIs that will help inform decisions. Every result can be easily exported to analyze or share them using your tool of choice.

  • Results Manager: A central location giving access to all your results and to perform in-depth analysis of your simulations and build customized reports.

  • Scenario Manager: Perform a large number simulation runs using a range of configurations or variables and compare how one scenario performed against another using customizable spider diagrams and data tables.

  • Optimization: OptQuest for SIMUL8 enables you to quickly determine what combination of variables results will achieve your objectives.

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Powerful data inputs and integrations

It’s easy to integrate your simulations with a wide range of data sources.

Utilizing data enables your simulation to exactly match how your system performs in the real world and helps you to make confident decisions to improve performance.

  • Distributions: Utilize 19 pre-built distributions or create your own to match your business’ arrivals or schedules.

  • Data integrations: Link simulations from simple data tools like Excel, text and CSV files, to sophisticated and dynamic database connections via SQL and ODBC.

  • Live data: Create digital twins of your organization by keeping your simulation in-sync with live data.

  • Advanced control: Write to databases from your simulation or even use APIs to connect and control SIMUL8 directly.

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Engaging, analytical visualization

We’re not about complex 3D models that don’t add value. SIMUL8 offers intelligent 2D visualization.

We enable you to be able to build simulations and get answers in hours, not months. Working with our user community for 25 years, we know telling the process story with the right level of analytical visualizations is the fastest route to delivering actionable insight.

That doesn’t mean visualization isn’t important. All simulations are animated by default to help you to validate your simulation and check that it reflects your real-world process. For example, you could quickly see a queue building up where it shouldn’t be.

Visualization and onscreen animated results also helps to understand the dynamics of a process to see how it ebbs and flows over time. This also offers a powerful communication tool, helping your simulation to tell a story so that stakeholders understand the process and the insight you’ve uncovered.

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Unlimited customization

Software that's easy to use, but doesn’t compromise on depth of customization.

We have developed intuitive dialog-driven features for almost every scenario you might want to simulate.

Where you need deeper customization, we also provide Visual Logic, our simple yet powerful scripting tool to control every aspect of your simulation. It’s fast to use and uses terms you will understand to give intuitive customization when you need it. This is a great feature if you have very specific rules in your process, or if you want to build your own tools over SIMUL8.

We also provide APIs to enable you to control SIMUL8 from outside the application, enabling you to integrate it directly into your technology stack.

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"In my 10 years of experience, I’ve used a range of simulation packages and coding languages. Visual Logic is totally unique.

It’s optimized for ease of use, without compromising on power. From simple tasks like generating custom results, to sophisticated control of the simulation engine – anything you want to do, you can do it with no complex programming language to learn.”

Liam Hastie, Consultant

Build, run and share simulations online

Access the full decision-making power of SIMUL8, installation and download-free on the web.

With SIMUL8 Online, you can build, visualize and analyze simulations on the web using the same extensive feature set, intuitive drag and drop interface and fast results our desktop software.

  • All-in-one simulation solution: The only vendor to offer the ability to build, run and analyze simulations on both desktop and the web.

  • Easily accessible: Open a browser, log in and start building and experimenting with your simulations.

  • Same powerful experience: The same interface, extensive features and fast results across both SIMUL8 Online and desktop.

  • Save simulations to the cloud: Convenient and secure access to your simulation project files with 5GB of cloud storage included.

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Support to get the most from SIMUL8

Ensuring your success with simulation is important to us. To help you get the most from SIMUL8 we provide a range of services.

Dedicated support team and resources

Our Support Portal is your central resource for everything you need to know about SIMUL8. Have a question that’s not covered by our online resources? Our dedicated support team are always happy to help.

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Training to quickly get up to speed

Whether you attend a public training class, learn at your own pace in one-to-one coaching sessions, or have your team trained onsite, our specialists will help you master SIMUL8 and get fast results.

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Get the most from your software

Adding Annual Maintenance to your license provides instant access to our latest feature-packed version, the ability to build your simulations on the web with SIMUL8 Online, as well as priority support.

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"SIMUL8 is easy to use but the absolute best feature is the support. I can shoot an email with a question and get a very helpful response. I wish I could give them 6/5 stars in this category."

Kristina N, SIMUL8 user

"I have found SIMUL8's customer support to be top-notch, responding within hours. They have helped with both technical questions, as well as more conceptual questions."

Molly W, SIMUL8 user

Committed to your success

We strive to understand your challenges so we can develop software features and support that will help you to exceed your goals at record speed.

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