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SIMUL8 offers powerful, intuitive simulation software that anyone can use to visualize and experiment with processes and make confident decisions.

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Intuitive simulation software to exceed any goal

SIMUL8 offers a powerful, evidence-based approach to decision making.

By experimenting with changes to the system in a digital, risk-free environment, you can find a solution that will deliver the best performance against your goals.

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  SIMUL8 Basic

Includes the basic features you need to get started with simulation.


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SIMUL8 Basic Plus

Quickly get the most from SIMUL8 Basic by combining:

  • 1 SIMUL8 Basic license
  • 1 year of Annual Maintenance and priority support
  • Access to SIMUL8 Academy Elearning
  • 2 hours of Online Coaching


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  SIMUL8 Professional

Make fast, risk-free decisions with our most powerful and feature-rich simulation software.


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SIMUL8 Professional Plus

Quickly get the most from SIMUL8 Professional by combining:

  • 1 SIMUL8 Professional license
  • 1 year of Annual Maintenance and priority support
  • 1 training class place or access to SIMUL8 Academy Elearning
  • 2 hours of Online Coaching


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  SIMUL8 Team

Empower your team with a three user SIMUL8 Professional license and customized training.


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SIMUL8 Team includes everything you need to get the most from SIMUL8:

  • 3 SIMUL8 Professional licenses
  • 1 year of Annual Maintenance and priority support
  • On-site training for up to 6 people


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Take a closer look at SIMUL8's feature set

Make faster, confident decisions with powerful, feature-rich simulation software.

Learn about SIMUL8's features

The SIMUL8 difference


The fastest simulation software available on the market.

SIMUL8 enables you to spend less time building simulations and more time experimenting with changes to get the answers you need to make confident decisions.


Model processes of any scale and complexity.

Get complete control with reusable libraries, read and write from databases, Visual Logic and more. Drive simulations from a range of interfaces like Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++.

Ease of use

An intuitive drag and drop interface.

Create simulations as you would draw a flowchart with our intuitive paddle interface. Add timings and rules around the tasks and resources in your system, and the simulation will replicate your process.


Delivers more value than other simulation tools.

With a range of software options, there’s a solution to meet your simulation needs. Many SIMUL8 users have seen return of investment in millions of dollars.

What do our users say?

"SIMUL8 allows us to run experiments on our business processes before we implement them, saving time and effort in change management. There is almost no scenario we can’t model. The bang for the buck on SIMUL8 is astounding."

Analyst, Cisco Systems Ltd

Highly rated by SIMUL8 users

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Learn more about simulation and SIMUL8

Take a look at our resources to discover how your organization can benefit from SIMUL8 simulation software.

What is simulation?


What is simulation?

Learn why simulation is a powerful technique for optimizing processes and making confident, evidence-based decisions.

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SIMUL8 feature tour


SIMUL8 feature tour

Watch our short videos to learn more about simulation and take a closer look at SIMUL8's powerful capabilities and features.

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Simulation buyer's guide


Simulation buyers' guide

Learn about the key factors to consider when researching, evaluating and selecting simulation software and vendors.

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Other SIMUL8 products

SIMUL8 For Education

Teaching simulation with SIMUL8 is easy. After a short introduction, students can quickly build and run their first simulation.

Teach or learn SIMUL8

SIMUL8 Studio

SIMUL8 Studio enables you to upload and share simulations, increase stakeholder engagement and transform decision making.

Learn about SIMUL8 Studio

SIMUL8 Development Tools

Build your application with our simulation engine at the heart. Offline or online, we have integration frameworks to support your needs.

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