Justice Process Improvement

SIMUL8 has helped government organizations across the globe improve their justice processes using simulation. From custody suites, to prisons, to evaluating government policies, simulation helps easily identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

How simulation can help

Predict the impact of new policy

Eliminate sentence disparity

Plan for increased demand and capacity

Improve efficiency of services

Know the impact of your policy in seconds - not in 25 years

Simulation has helped justice departments around the globe improve their processes. The entire justice processes can be simulated from a 911 call arriving, to an offender being convicted, to rehabilitation.

Short Term

Simulation can help you improve your day to day operation. Such as jail booking, inmate pick-up and delivery, and prison classification. Identify inefficiencies and eliminate them.

Long Term

How do you predict the long term impact of your policy changes? What will the impact be on all parts of the process? Will the impact be now or later, how do you plan for this change?

For example, a change in release policy will impact on rehabilitation, but when? You cannot wait 25 years to know the effect your change will have.

Simulation allows you to fast forward even hundreds of years in just seconds and know now what the impact will be now. It also allows you to understand the complicated dynamics between the different parts of your process.

Simulation allows forward planning to be undertaken with confidence.

Justice Simulation Case Studies

Organizations across the globe have had success with SIMUL8 in Justice.


Simulating Prison Populations

SIMUL8 has added an entirely new dimension of decision-support to prison population projections and policy analysis.

SIMUL8 has provided greater predictability in knowing the short and long-term impact of policy and budgetary decisions.

In one project, if the client would have adopted the new sentencing system as originally proposed, this system would have cost the taxpayers an additional $250 million over the current system without any improvement in public safety.


Delivering Reduced Risk Improvements

Cheshire Constabulary was implementing major strategic change and chose SIMUL8 to provide the analytical confidence to drive this change.

Cheshire's response to the Local Policing Agenda used SIMUL8 to assess response priorities, determine resource requirements for their Targeted Patrol Teams and release officers for their Neighborhood Policing Units.

SIMUL8 has helped demonstrate, in a risk free environment, the effect of implementing this change and provided the confidence to implement the proposals .

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