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Is Your Contact Center Capable?

Contact centers are a critical element in delivering your company's reputation, meeting customer satisfaction and achieving projected sales.

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Most of today’s retailers have some sort of contact center department which supports customer service and sales. This is not surprising with the shift of customers shopping online. Retailers now need to ensure their contact centers are capable to compete within this multichannel world.

Agents must be able to take service and sales via phone, email, online chat panels and even social media. As greater emphasis is placed on the contact center, it becomes ever more the critical factor to delivering the company’s reputation, achieving projected sales and meeting customer satisfaction. This is where a simple simulation model can provide key insight into the design and operational effectiveness of your company’s contact center.

Why simulate your contact center?

As customer demand increases and shifts towards multichannel capabilities your company might be faced with an outdated contact center structure.

The dilemma remains the same: calls come in and must get handled within an appropriate amount of time. The difference is that there might be greater volume and that this volume might come from various contact channels. This is why many companies are revamping their analogue contact center departments and internal processes with digital routers.

Despite these changes most of the performance metrics, such as inbound volume, service level, abandonment, agent occupancy, and average answer speed amongst others, remain the same. With this change in customer shopping habits, contact center managers should be asking key questions:

  1. Is our contact center capable of multichannel orders?
  2. What is our priority when it comes to multichannel orders?
  3. Do we need more agents with additional contact channels?
  4. What is our current contact channel volume?
  5. What is the trend via contact/order methods?

Download the ebook to learn how simulation can help answer these questions and help you to design an efficient multichannel call center.

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What are the benefits of using simulation for call center improvements?

Simulation offers a powerful, visual approach for capturing, analyzing and testing the wide range of factors involved in call center management:

Examine feedback loops

No other analysis technique enables you to examine the impact of returning hang-ups and other feedback loops to properly understand the demand on your call center.

Real-time prediction

Use live or historic data such as call volumes, patterns, and agent schedules to drive your simulation and continuously predict future performance in real-time.

Test variability

SIMUL8 can mimic and test real-life variability in parameters such as call volumes, call types, handling time, abandonment levels, staffing levels, and transfer rules.

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