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From non-profits to global enterprises, and across every industry, organizations across the globe are empowering their decision-making and discovering new opportunities using the power of SIMUL8.

Simulate and solve any business challenge

No matter your specific business challenges, organizations in every industry use SIMUL8 to improve processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Increasing manufacturing throughput

From assembly to supply chain, SIMUL8 enables manufacturers to analyze, test and implement process changes to increase throughput, efficiency and profitability.

In this example, we'll identify how to increase throughput of an assembly line based on the production schedules feeding the line.

Reducing patient waiting times

From optimizing patient flow to improving population health, SIMUL8 enables healthcare providers to safely assess ways to improve efficiency and patient care.

In this example, we'll discover how to reduce queues in the waiting room while avoiding patients leaving without treatment.

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Getting started with SIMUL8

SIMUL8 is all about speed to build and iterate your simulations to get the results needed to step-change performance. Watch these videos to see how quickly you can create and get answers from simulations.

1. Creating a simulation

Get an overview of SIMUL8's core simulation objects and how quickly you can create a process flow.

2. Adding more detail

Learn how to add data to drive your process and set up rules to determine the flow of work.

3. Analyzing your results

See how quickly and easily you can access detailed results for any part of your process.

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