SIMUL8 Online Beta FAQs

SIMUL8 Online brings the full power of SIMUL8 to the web – the same feature set, intuitive drag and drop interface and fast results – with no need to install software. Just log in and immediately start building, running and experimenting with simulations.

Read our FAQs below to learn more about this revolutionary simulation tool or contact our team if you have any other questions.

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SIMUL8 Online beta FAQs

Taking part in the beta

Do I need to install any software to take part?

No, a key benefit of SIMUL8 Online is that it is completely download-free! You only need an web browser and internet connection to start building simulations with the full functionality and power of SIMUL8.

How can I register my interest to take part in the beta?

SIMUL8 Annual Maintenance users will receive priority first access to the beta via email invitation. If you are not an Annual Maintenance user you can register your interest to participate in a later phase of the beta.

How can I submit my feedback or suggestions?

Your feedback is very important to us. Please visit the beta contact page to leave your feedback or ask a support question.

When will the beta end?

The first phase of the beta will run until the end of January 2019. We will notify participants via email to let them know when the beta is coming to an end.

Can I purchase SIMUL8 Online once the beta has ended?

SIMUL8 Online is only offered as a beta test at this time. Please contact our team who will be happy to provide further updates on commercial availability.

Building and running simulations

Can I run multiple simulations?

Yes. You can run as many different simulations as you like in a different browser window.

Is SIMUL8 Online the same as SIMUL8 for desktop?

Yes, SIMUL8 Online offers the same power and 25 years of feature development as the desktop software. Some features that communicate or connect to external tools such as Excel, SQL, OptQuest, Stat::Fit, AutoCAD and SIMUL8 Studio are currently not supported in the beta.

Saving and accessing simulations

Do I have to manually save my simulations?

You don't have to click save, SIMUL8 Online automatically saves any changes to your simulations every 10 seconds in the background.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

SIMUL8 Online regularly saves to a secure cloud computing web service. In the event that your internet connection is lost, any changes you make to your simulation will have been saved and will be present the next time that you log in to SIMUL8 Online and open up that simulation.

What if I don’t want SIMUL8 Online’s autosave feature to overwrite my current file?

If you are making a change to a simulation you can select Save As on the File tab and create a new file to continue working on, meaning that you can revert to the current save position of your old file if required.

Can I upload an existing simulation?

Yes, you can upload an existing .S8 file created on any desktop edition of SIMUL8 to SIMUL8 Online and make changes to it during the beta. Please note that if your simulation connects to external tools like Excel, these features are not currently accessible in the beta.

Can I download my simulations?

The ability to download simulations will not be available during the SIMUL8 Online beta. If you would like access to a simulation you have built once the beta has concluded, you can contact our team to receive a secure download link.

What will happen to my simulations when the beta ends?

All simulations created in the SIMUL8 Online beta will be deleted 30 days after the testing period ends. We will notify all participants when the beta has ended and provide instructions to access any simulations before they are deleted.

How many simulations can I store on the SIMUL8 Online beta?

Each user will have 50GB of online storage space for their simulations during the beta.

Can I share my simulations using SIMUL8 Online?

Sharing capabilities are not currently included in the SIMUL8 Online beta and you will need to be logged in to your account to access and run your simulations. Login details cannot be shared.


Will SIMUL8 Online work on a Mac?

Yes, SIMUL8 Online can run on a Mac. One of the many great benefits of SIMUL8 Online is that it can run in most web browsers, regardless of hardware or platform. We recommend using hardware with a keyboard and mouse for the best experience.

What version of SIMUL8 is the beta using?

SIMUL8 Online has all the same powerful features and functionality of SIMUL8 Professional. Going forward, SIMUL8 Online will always offer the most up-to-date version of SIMUL8.

Will SIMUL8 for desktop still be available?

Yes, SIMUL8 for desktop will continue to be available. SIMUL8 Online is designed to complement our desktop offering, giving our users the ability to work on their simulations on the move.

Security and data

What security measures are in place?

SIMUL8 Online is accessed using a username and password of your choice. SIMUL8 Online uses Amazon Web Services (AWS). Cloud security at AWS is of the highest priority and their data center and network architecture is built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. If you have any other questions about security, please contact our team.

How is my data used?

You can find out more information about how SIMUL8 Corporation uses data in our Privacy Policy.

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