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Watch SIMUL8 2018's new and expanded features in action and discover how they'll help you to build powerful simulations and make decisions faster than ever.

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About the webinar

Take a closer look at SIMUL8 2018's new and expanded features in our on-demand webinar with Fiona Lindsay, SIMUL8 Product Manager, and Ken Doole, VP of Sales.

You'll learn how SIMUL8 2018 will enable you to create simulations in less time, with less code, meaning you can spend more time on what’s really important - making the right decisions to transform your organization.

In this on-demand webinar session you'll see each of SIMUL8 2018's features in action, including:

  • Route Out By Multiple Conditions - Set multiple conditions where, if met, work items will be sent down that route.

  • Route Out By Sequence - Define a repeating sequence to specify the destination works items will be routed to.

  • Arrival Planner - An improved solution for setting arrivals across days, weeks or months.

  • Central Label Editor - A centralized interface for easily creating Labels and editing their functions.

  • Activity Timing By Label - Quickly add and edit variable process times using Labels.

  • Quick Build - Instantly build simulations based on spreadsheet data without having to place a single object on screen first.

SIMUL8 2018

More power, less build time

SIMUL8 2018 enables you to build powerful simulations faster than ever, so you can focus on making better, evidence-based decisions to transform your organization.

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