SIMUL8 2018

More power, less build time

SIMUL8 2018 enables you to build powerful simulations faster than ever, so you can focus on making better, evidence-based decisions to transform your organization.

Every SIMUL8 release is driven by feedback from our users and this release is no different.

SIMUL8 2018's features will enable you to build simulations in less clicks, with less code - but without compromising on power or flexibility. You'll spend less time learning software and more time getting the results you need to transform your organization.

This release will truly make a difference to how you build and experiment with your simulations day in, day out and I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Frances Sneddon, CTO

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Powerful new features for everyday simulation building

Route Out By Multiple Conditions

Set multiple conditions where, if met, work items will be sent down that route.

 SIMUL8 Professional feature

Routing Out by Label, where you can choose the pathways that different types of work items should go, has always been a favorite feature of SIMUL8.

Route Out by Multiple Conditions adds more power to this feature, enabling you to set a condition where, if met, work items will be sent down that route. If your process rules require an ‘If’ or 'Or' or statement to determine routing or even if you want to refer to a formula or multiple other label values to work out where work items should go, all of these options are possible with no coding or spreadsheets needed.

For example, for a contact center that serves customers across multiple time zones, you might need to send work on a different route depending on the time of day. Or you might want to try changing how work is routed depending on the current state of the system, for example, sending calls to overflow centers depending on number of calls queuing. You can even use a combination of conditions together, so depending on both the queue size and the time of day, calls could go through to different home-based call agents.

No matter the complexity of your system, Route Out By Multiple Conditions will enable you to build powerful simulations that accurately represent your processes in less time than ever before.

Key benefits:

  • Works with any data item, any variable, and opens up a huge number of possible options for routing control.

  • Easier to represent real-world routing rules e.g. express items, re-working, products with custom options, alternative routing for night shift, High-Mix Low-Volume, and much more.

  • Faster than using Visual Logic or spreadsheets to set up routing out rules.

 Learn how to use this feature: Route Out By Multiple Conditions feature spotlight

Route Out By Sequence

Define a repeating sequence to specify the destination work items will be routed to.

Route Out by Sequence provides an easy way to set the destination work items will be routed to by defining a repeating sequence that specifies exactly where each work item will go.

This feature gives you more control for scenarios where there are repeating cycles of routing choices. For example, simulating a security gate that is set up to stop every 5th passenger or representing a robot that always offloads a palletizer to multiple machines in a set order.

Linking this with batching, Route Out by Sequence also becomes a powerful way to represent process steps where multiple and various output items are produced. You can rapidly test out alternatives for the ordering of items from these events to discover faster, more efficient process performance options.

Key benefits:

  • A whole new way of routing and great for simulating automated and sequence based systems.

  • An intuitive, fast solution with no coding or spreadsheets needed.

  • Quickly compare and seek out faster, more efficient and better process performance options.

 Learn how to use this feature: Route Out By Sequence feature spotlight

Arrival Planner

An improved solution for setting arrivals across days, weeks or months.

The Arrival Planner allows you define the number of work items you want to enter the process within a specific time frame. For example, if you want to see 20 new work items between 9am and 10am, followed by 40 work items arriving between 10am and 11am.

Replacing the Day Planner feature in the SIMUL8, this feature is no longer limited to minutes and hours, allowing you to set arrival volumes for days or weeks just as easily.

The Arrival Planner will help you to reach solutions faster by exploring your process behavior from a single day, to across months or even years to quickly identify the impact of factors like seasonal variation.

Key benefits:

  • One simple and fast interface for arrivals to occur across days, week or months.

  • Can be easily edited with copy & paste functionality for spreadsheet data.

 Learn how to use this feature: Arrival Planner feature spotlight

Central Label Editor

A centralized interface for easily creating, editing and controlling Labels.

As a popular feature with both new and experienced users, the number of ways that Labels can be used in SIMUL8 has continually expanded.

As a single-window interface, the new Central Label Editor offers an intuitive and fast way for setting up and tracking Labels. Frequent operations like creating a Label, attaching it to an Activity and setting it to control routing can now be achieved in just seconds without jumping through multiple windows.

This powerful feature will save time on every simulation you build, instantly helping you to see where all of your Labels have been applied and enabling you to edit them all from one central place.

Key benefits:

  • Routing, priorities, shelf life, wait times, you can manage and map all Label actions from one place.

  • Control Labels for all object types including Start Points, Queues, Activities and Conveyors.

 Learn how to use this feature: Central Label Editor feature spotlight

Activity Timing By Label

Quickly add and edit variable process times using Labels.

 SIMUL8 Professional feature

A highly requested feature, Activity Timing By Label works by offering an alternative to giving an Activity a universal process time for all items. The process time can now be based on the type of item itself (i.e. the Label value).

For example, we can give an Activity a shorter process time for one item type and longer process time when handling a different item type e.g. offloading a small truck versus offloading a large truck.

For power users, Activity Timing By Label also allows for different timing distributions types to be selected for each Label value. You can now use a Triangular distribution for one product type and a Log Normal distribution for another - without the need to code or use spreadsheets.

Key benefits:

  • Provides all the controls you need to quickly add and edit variable process times.

  • Manage process time for all work item types easily, even items with a zero process time.

  • Faster and easier to use without the need to use coding or spreadsheets.

 Learn how to use this feature: Activity Timing By Label feature spotlight

Quick Build

Instantly build simulations based on spreadsheet data without having to place a single object on screen first.

 SIMUL8 Professional feature

Quick Build is an innovative addition to SIMUL8’s power features and will also help new users to try rapid simulation development.

With this feature, you can instantly produce an entire simulation based on parameter data that you pre-fill in a sheet. As soon as you have added Activity names and selected their key characteristics, in just one click SIMUL8 will instantly add and connect all of the simulation objects.

If you need to simulate a large process or lots of individual processes with similar structures, or if you already have a lot of your process data to hand, Quick Build will help you to get to decision making and solutions even faster.

Key benefits:

  • Automate and roll out simulations of any size at the touch of a button.

  • Following the Quick Build, objects are open for editing and further customization as needed.

 Learn how to use this feature: Quick Build feature spotlight

New Visual Logic

Additional powerful and flexible commands for power users.

 SIMUL8 Professional feature

For our power users, we've also added a host of new Visual Logic commands to SIMUL8 2018 including:

  • Set Start Point Schedule Sheet
  • Copy Chart Data to Spreadsheet
  • Open Object Chart
  • Close All Charts
  • Copy Object Chart Data to Spreadsheet
  • Display Pie Slice
  • Clear Pie Slice
  • Display Pie Slice Without Clear

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