The Complete Guide to SIMUL8 Success

Whether you're thinking about using SIMUL8 for the first time or you're looking to improve your SIMUL8 knowledge, this webinar series will give you a practical overview of the software.

Watch the webinar recordings below and find out how quickly you can achieve success using SIMUL8.

Session 1: Getting Started with Simulation

In the first webinar of the series, Max talks through the benefits of simulation and shows some of SIMUL8's basic features. In this session see SIMUL8 in action and learn how quickly you can build a simulation and get results.


Session 2: Adding more complexity to your simulation

In the second webinar of the series, Max builds on the example simulation in Session 1 and demonstrates how to control different items going through the system.


Session 3: Controlling your simulation from spreadsheets

In the third webinar of the series, Max builds on the example simulation from Sessions 1 & 2 and shows how you can control the simulation using spreadsheets, and how to link Excel to the simulation.


Session 4: Engaging stakeholders with custom reports

The final webinar of the series focuses on creating custom results in SIMUL8. Watch the recording as Max develops the simulation model and adds some simple lines of Visual Logic to customize his reporting.


Find out how SIMUL8 could help you

At SIMUL8, we’re always happy to talk through your unique challenges and how they could be resolved through simulation. Using our powerful software and years of experience with improving processes, increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and delivering results for organizations worldwide, we can help you launch and grow successful simulation programs.

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