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Latest build: 4668

Every month we release updates with exciting new features and improvements for Simul8 - all based on your feedback!

These updates only contain the parts of the software that are new or have changed. Don't forget, if you're using Simul8 for the web you'll automatically be on this latest version!

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

What's new in Build 4515?

Released July 19th 2023

  • Fixes an issue with internal spreadsheets
  • Fixes a bug where onscreen charts locations were not saving correctly in XML
  • Fixes issue caused when running Experiment Builder with onscreen charts
  • Improves Transaction Log functionality by clearing internal spreadsheets on reset instead of deleting these
  • Improves for Simul8 Decision Cloud users

What's new in Build 4506?

Released May 25th 2023

  • Scroll panning has been introduced to Simul8! You can now hold your mouse scroll wheel and drag the simulation window to your preferred location.
  • Fixes an issue with the way pipes display when inside of component or intersecting component
  • Fixes a bug seen with concatenation of external distributions in Excel
  • Fixes relating to Experiment Builder
  • Fixes a crash caused by deleting the value of a Custom Property in Quick View
  • Fixes a crash caused when trying to change an object to Timing By Label

What's new in Build 4488?

Released April 20th 2023

Experiment Builder - Experiment with any part of your process, without code!

Our previously known Scenario Manager has been retired, and replaced with something even better.

Introducing Experiment Builder. Whether it’s simple what-if scenarios or bold process changes you are testing, our new Experiment Builder allows you to dynamically change parameter values and structural aspects of your simulations, meaning it’s easier than ever to quickly experiment with any part of your process – without the need for code!

This is only the first phase of our ground-breaking Experiment Builder release, watch this space for lots of new features coming soon.

What's new in Build 4459?

Released March 23rd 2023

  • Fixes a bug where Resource details didn't display properly for students
  • Improves our error logging to help fix bugs faster
  • Migrates our Google Sheets connection to a more secure and functional flow.

What's new in Build 4452?

Released March 7th 2023

Elevate your simulations with improved connectivity and customization

Simul8 has moved to 64-bit!

With our 64-bit release, your simulations just got bigger and better. Simul8 can now talk to 64-bit enabled databases using our SQL functionality and 64-bit versions of apps such as Python – meaning improved connectivity for our users.

Internal Spreadsheets have had a makeover

Our unique, powerful internal spreadsheet feature has had a makeover. Featuring a modern look, you can now create compelling interfaces to level-up your simulations! That's not all. Now with conditional formatting rules, formulas, and much more, it is easier than ever to personalize your data.

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