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Latest build: 4631

Every month we release updates with exciting new features and improvements for Simul8 - all based on your feedback!

These updates only contain the parts of the software that are new or have changed. Don't forget, if you're using Simul8 for the web you'll automatically be on this latest version!

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

What's new in Build 4367?

Released October 26th 2022

We're happy to share the latest improvements to the Transaction Log feature!

  • You can now create a detailed log of the in/out times of all Work Items in your simulation in just a few clicks.
  • Log By Object and Log By Resource are now separated and we've added new options to customise the information in Transaction Logs.
  • Log By Object now includes: Start Points, Queues, End Points, and Conveyors, as well as Activities.
  • Logs now capture items remaining in Simulation Objects on end run.
  • We've improved how Transaction Logs work when running Trials.
  • Simul8 Transaction Log
  • Fixes for Simul8's OptQuest integration including an issue found where the users Windows language was not English, clearing sub-constraints, and stopping and restarting an optimization.
  • Fix for Routing In Collect from sheet input where input is greater than 32,000.
  • Fix for high volume queues not handling large numbers correctly
  • Fix for Parallel Processing

What's new in Build 4332?

Released August 23rd 2022

The Clock has gone through a transformation!

  • We've added an End Time input so that you can now specify the duration of the day or the end time of the day
  • There are now default 9-5 and 24hr options in clock properties dialog
  • We've added in a clock preview into the dialog
  • We've put in some fixes to display issues when using the Time only and Digital mode options
  • There is now access to the Shifts dialog from within Clock properties
  • Simul8 Clock
  • Fix for ratio of onscreen, docked or floating clock so that it always displays properly
  • Fix to erase button in the Machine Learning dialog
  • Fix for Visual Logic command Split Text to Sheet Column so that it no longer splits the string by both the specified delimiter and the space character
  • Fix for bug where right clicking an Object and adding to group won't work if Object is already in another group

What's new in Build 4249?

Released June 9th 2022

  • We've made an improvement to the right-click menu on the simulation window so that it always selects the object that it being clicked on
  • We've added an additional clock menu item to “Go Back One Event”
  • Back One Event
  • Clear on Reset checkbox for internal spreadsheets can now be saved with models
  • Parallel Processing checkbox in Preferences > Results can now be saved
  • Fix for behavior where a Group's results dialog wouldn't open if non-object related results were added to the KPI manager
  • Fix for the calendar not being properly loaded into models on open
  • Fix for behavior where the trial calculator failed in certain situations when parallel processing was switched on

What's new in Build 4173?

Released March 31 2022

  • Latest innovation Machine Learning!
    Build the logic of your simulation directly from your data - no need for Visual Logic! Incorporate machine learning algorithms directly into your simulation for routing, timing and anywhere you use a distribution.
  • Call in your own custom R or Python code directly into your Simul8. You can now write your own routing, distribution or optimization algorithms and code them in a language you know and love.
  • Improved MORE plot functionality so that now you’ll be able to right-click and save the MORE plots generated by the Results Manager.
  • Improved Process Mining validation if the wrong format of CSV is used
  • Fix for case where Activities would never restart from a breakdown if a Resource was traveling to it when it broke down
  • Fix for the Resource Schedule not updating when a Resource is converted into another Object type

What's new in Build 4159?

Released March 8th 2022

  • You can now use "Manage Images" on all object types, instead of only Activities
  • SQL Database Import improvements
  • We've put in a fix for Bounded distributions in Time Dependent, Time Absolute and Combination distributions after a user reported that these were not saving
  • Fix for Help buttons that were not redirecting to correct help page when clicked

What's new in Build 4148?

Released January 25th 2022

  • We've made improvements the Simulation Assistant when making changes to object properties
  • Button placement improved so that buttons are placed at cursor position when created from the Ribbon
  • Process Mining dialog can now be resized to improve the readability of data sets
  • Some Visual Logic fixes for Tanks

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