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Latest build: 4515

Every month we release updates with exciting new features and improvements for Simul8 - all based on your feedback!

These updates only contain the parts of the software that are new or have changed. Don't forget, if you're using Simul8 for the web you'll automatically be on this latest version!

If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

What's new in Build 4102?

Released December 16 2021

  • We've made improvements to the Resource and Pooled Resource Results dialog to display all relevant information so that our users can see everything in the one place.
  • What's new area
  • We've put in a fix to the Emergency Room department Process Mining example when using the End Time label.
  • Various improvements to improve user experience and platform stability
  • Improvements to exporting Visual Logic libraries

What's new in Build 4086?

Released October 6 2021

  • We've made improvements to the Route Out by Sequence “Clear All” button placement and implementation to make it a more intuitive interface for our users.
  • What's new area
  • Further improvements have been made to Chart zoom handling.

What's new in Build 4074?

Released August 31 2021

  • New feature We've expanded the 'What’s New' area to include handy resources and news from the Simul8 team, as well as details of latest software updates!
What's new area
What's new area

What's new in Build 4060?

Released July 15 2021

  • New feature What’s new notification area – a dedicated area within Simul8 that details all the exciting new features and improvements we’ve recently released!
What's new area
  • Fix for Components with the Remove Component Layer button

What's new in Build 4052?

Released June 17 2021

Latest build notification
  • Fixes for Export Excel Connections within Simul8 Online
  • Improvements to textbox colors where 2 textboxes can now use the same text color
Text box improvements
  • Improvements to User Input on the Ribbon and within dialogs when using 20+ digit number

What's new in Build 4045?

Released April 4 2021

  • Updates the display of the Recently Used Files List for Simul8 Share.
  • VL improvements for commands that use selected objects when performing parallel runs
  • Fixed crash when switching onscreen charts to floating charts
  • Zooming improvements for charts
  • Improvements to sharing simulations with Simul8 for the web
  • Fix for using REALMOD with Time Check Logic

What's new in Build 4026?

Released July 15 2021

  • Improves the error handling of using special characters with BPMN objects
  • Arrival Schedule Repeat functionality has been improved
  • Display Object Status key has been updated
  • Zooming improvements which allow you to zoom based on the top left corner of the simulation
  • Improvement to Views where you can now have the view zoom relative to the device’s window size
  • New VL Command: Get UserID which returns the user currently using the simulation
  • Simul8 for the web fix around naming new saved files
  • Fix for Create Break Type VL Command where break types no longer get overwritten

What's new in Build 4016?

  • Fix for issue with copying and pasting disabled Visual Logic lines
  • Visual and usability improvements for users with high resolution computers
  • Process Mining improvement where the start and end time format will be automatically chosen based on data provided
  • Graphical improvements around the component palette
  • Simulation properties dialog now displays the updated icon

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