What's included in the SIMUL8 2017 Service Pack?

This lists all the changes, enhancements and fixes to SIMUL8 2017 since it was first shipped. The build numbers relate to both SIMUL8 Professional and SIMUL8 Basic, but some comments may only apply to one of the products.

If you think you have found a bug in SIMUL8 that isn't mentioned in the list below as fixed please notify us of the problem.

You can download the SIMUL8 2017 Service Pack from here.

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Enhancements and Fixes in Build 3520

  • New feature! As voted for by our Annual Maintenance users, our new Route Out by Condition gives SIMUL8 users more control of Routing Out, without having to use Visual Logic. For information on how to use this new feature, read the Help File
  • High resolution compatibility overhaul of all SIMUL8 dialogs, including improvements to Queue dialog, Scenario Manager, Results Manger, Preference dialog and High Level Analytics Panel
  • Various usability improvements to Start Point Arrival Schedule dialog to make it more intuitive to use
  • Start Points now have Visual Logic option on the Ribbon so you can quickly access Visual Logic - as you can with all other objects
  • New Visual Logic Commands to allow you to set the Start Point Schedule Sheet dynamically
  • PNG images now supported
  • Route by type no longer shrinks ranges starting with zero to negative numbers
  • New Visual Logic shortcut (ALT-F9) to inspect a global variable's properties directly from the Visual Logic editor which is a major time saving. No more having to go to the information store and locate your variable
  • Route by type now available for conveyors as well as activities
  • New Travel Times toggle added to the Ribbon

Enhancements and Fixes in Build 3415

  • Various High Resolution display improvements including improved Ribbon text, better button layout on results manager and component palette button widths rescaling improved
  • New feature - New Visual Logic commands to display and clear pie chart slices (Display Pie Slice, Clear Pie Slice, Display Pie Slice Without Clear). This lets you create your own dynamic run time pie charts with complete control over their display
  • Improvements to running of trials on parallel machines, including ability to cancel more easily on large runs
  • Display size of Preference Dialog improved
  • Resolved issue where buttons were staying gray if Visual Logic was used to reset a simulation but not run it

Build 3396 was first shipping SIMUL8 Release 2017