Simulation Software for Supply Chain and Logistics

SIMUL8 has helped many companies around the world improve their supply chain and logistics processes. From the first function to the last, allowing you to easily identify and eliminate inefficiencies to achieve a high performing, efficient supply chain.

When you can't afford to make a mistake

Businesses have become reliant on effective supply chains due to operating in a global and networked marketplace.SIMUL8 simulation software can simulate the integration of the entire supply chain, helping manage inventory levels, identify inefficiencies and improve information flow in your company. A better supply chain leads to better planned production, distribution and smoother running functional activities throughout the process

Test out ideas with a simulation model first, then make informed, evidence based decisions. In independent tests against competitive products, SIMUL8 has been proven to have unrivalled simulation speed. Coupled with ease of use, and professional support, SIMUL8 is the ideal choice for any organization.

  • Utilize resources efficiently
  • Meet lead times
  • Improve information flow time
  • Increase efficiency
  • Manage inventory levels
  • Eliminate stock outs
  • Avoid the bull whip effect
  • Plan for future growth and capacity

By enabling you to visualize the process it allows you to easily make changes in a risk free environment. This allows you to find a solution that suits the needs of your company and your customers.

supply chain simulation

Supply Chain Simulation Case Studies

SIMUL8 has helped organizations across the globe improve their supply chains.


Nibco reduced inventory by 40% and cut systems costs by 12%

Nibco needed a way to test their new distribution strategy and to get buy in from their CEO. SIMUL8 let them fine-tune their project and implement their new strategy sooner and with fewer problems. Simulation gave Nibco the confidence to act, it was their extra insurance policy.

"They can see the product moving through the simulation and the reduction in lead time, and it holds their attention much longer, instead of showing a bunch of static numbers, you're seeing something live within the presentation."

Mike Seifert, Nibco

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Planning for 20% growth in bus demand


Increasing security without increasing congestion.


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