Perpetual Licensing Changes

Simul8 licenses are now subscription-based - learn about what's changing and how we're continuing to support our valued perpetual users.

What's changing?

In a Covid-19 world, the way we make decisions has rapidly changed. As Simul8 is a vital decision-making tool for teams across the globe, it's more important than ever that we adapt to the needs of how our users buy and access software in challenging times. We want to ensure that you, and organizations new to simulation, have affordable, flexible and easy access to Simul8.

As a result of customer feedback, we are now offering Simul8 on a monthly and annual subscription basis and have ended the sale of new perpetual licenses. A Simul8 subscription gives every Simul8 user the ability to build, run and share simulations across both desktop and the web. Every subscription user will also get access to the same rich feature set, regular feature releases, free online training and dedicated support.

Our valued existing customers with Simul8 Basic or Professional perpetual licenses, either standalone or networked, will be able to use licenses without any interruption. If you have a perpetual license with Annual Maintenance, you'll continue to receive software updates and other great benefits, including:

  • Access to Simul8 for the web
  • Access to Simul8 Academy e-learning training
  • Priority feature support with Simul8 support agents
  • Annual upgrade to the latest version

If you would like to add additional seats to your current Simul8 suite, please contact our team.

Our commitment to you

We will work closely with our valued existing customers to make the transition from perpetual licenses to subscription as smooth as possible. We know you'll have questions about these changes, so please take a look at the FAQs section below for more detailed information.

If you have any other questions at all, our team are here to help so please get in touch.


How do Simul8 subscriptions work?

A monthly or annual subscription provides access to both Simul8 for desktop and the web. You'll enjoy the same full, feature-rich software with regular updates, as well as the ability to share your simulations. You'll also continue to have the option of purchasing plug-ins of OptQuest and Stat-fit for desktop.

What products are affected?

We have discontinued the sale of new perpetual licenses of Simul8 Basic, Simul8 Professional Plus and Simul8 Team from our website.

Does this affect existing software purchased under a perpetual license?

If you already own a perpetual license of Simul8 Basic, Simul8 Professional Plus or Simul8 Team, you can continue to use these in accordance with the perpetual license agreement. If the perpetual license is covered by Annual Maintenance, you'll also continue to enjoy Annual Maintenance benefits.

How will Simul8 ease the transition for existing customers?

We're doing several things to make this transition as smooth as possible for both new and existing customers, including:

  • Allowing Annual Maintenance users to continue to renew their perpetual license
  • Giving existing users with perpetual licenses the ability to add additional perpetual licenses to their current license suite
  • Including Simul8 Academy with all additional perpetual licenses and Annual Maintenance accounts based on the number of licenses purchased
  • Providing flexibility on what works best for you, our valued customers

I have an existing Simul8 network license, can I add licenses to this network or do I have to purchase subscription?

If you wish to add licenses to an existing network server deployment, you will be able to purchase additional licenses for your network by contacting our team.

You will also have the option to purchase Simul8 via subscription over the additional license to the network if you wish.

How will subscription impact my Annual Maintenance account?

If you have an active Annual Maintenance account, you'll retain the option to renew and receive the annual maintenance benefits. We have no plans to stop offering Annual Maintenance renewals.

What happens if an Annual Maintenance account expires?

If an Annual Maintenance account is not renewed, you have the option to purchase a Simul8 subscription or upgrade your perpetual license to get continued access to the latest features and functionality. For upgrade pricing please contact our team.

Will perpetual users with Annual Maintenance accounts be able to transfer to a Simul8 subscription?

If you decide you no longer want to renew your Annual Maintenance account and purchase a Simul8 subscription instead, your perpetual license will be retired on the version acquired under the Annual Maintenance account. The perpetual license will still remain active but you'll no longer receive the benefits of Annual Maintenance. Your Simul8 subscription would then become the primary active account.

Will existing Annual Maintenance customers be able to add additional perpetual licenses under Maintenance accounts?

Yes, existing users will be able to add perpetual licenses to your current Simul8 license suite with Annual Maintenance included.

How will this change impact Simul8 Enterprise Business Agreement customers in the near term?

Customers who currently have a Simul8 Enterprise Business Agreement will see no immediate change to the terms or benefits of their agreements.

I have an existing perpetual license, but I want to purchase multiple subscriptions for my team, is this possible?

Yes, existing users have the option to purchase as many subscription licenses as they need. Please contact our team to discuss the options for multi-user subscription.

I have an existing Simul8 Professional 2020 perpetual license and my colleague has a subscription license. When I share a model and vice versa are there any compatibility issues?

Provided you are both using the latest version of the software there will be no compatibility issues. However, if the perpetual license is not based on our latest release (Simul8 2020), there may be some compatibility issues with the features your colleague has used with the subscription version. Subscriptions will always be on the latest release of Simul8.

What can I do if I’m unable to utilize electronic delivery or web-accessed software?

We're committed to finding solutions that will ease the transition to subscription-based models. Throughout this transition, we will work with our partners and customers to ensure that these changes do not prevent the purchase and use of Simul8. For customers that require use of software that is not connected to the internet, please contact our team for alternative options.

How will these changes affect education customers?

There is no affect to educational customers. Qualified academic institutions, students and educators will continue to have access to Educational Licenses for academic use only.

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