Webinar: Simulation for Health Economic Analysis

In this webinar, Ron Shannon discusses the benefits of discrete-event simulation for Health Economic investigations that are conducive for decision-making by payers and providers, and talks through an application example.

Today more than ever governments and health providers are under extreme pressure to reduce costs while maintaining patient quality of life. Accuracy of information presented to them is critical for acceptance. This workshop justifies the use of discrete-event simulation by health economists as a means to provide accurate assessments of value for medical products or services.

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About the webinar presenter

Ronald Shannon has advanced degrees in health economics and epidemiology including over 25 years’ experience in industry and consulting and has led and contributed to a broad spectrum of successful health economic and epidemiology projects, providing expertise and insight into the value of medical products, resource utilization and cost savings for hospitals, community healthcare providers and governments. Mr. Shannon has completed numerous health economic investigations where insight is given into the cost and outcome of medical devices, pharmaceuticals and resource utilization.

Ronald has extensive experience in applied health informatics and predictive analytics. As an epidemiologist working with the State of New York Department of Health he directed the implementation of an electronic clinical laboratory system in hospitals, government and commercial laboratories. His work generated a significant times savings in detecting reportable disease cases for follow-up.

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Simulation for healthcare providers

Simulation enables healthcare systems and processes to be tested in a safe, virtual environment without risk to patients and staff – supporting organizations to make better decisions, improve systems of care and maximize resources.

Simulaton for pharmaceutical and medical device companies

Across manufacturing, supply chain, health economics and market access, simulation enables organizations to overcome challenges, improve efficiency, increase revenue and support healthcare payer buy-in.

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