SIMUL8 for Academic Research

We offer free SIMUL8 licenses to PhD candidates who are using simulation as part of their research.

In addition to the software, you will receive free upgrades, free use of all the SIMUL8 Plug-ins and free renewal of the SIMUL8 license until an agreed PhD end date. The only thing we ask is that you keep us up to date on how your research is going.

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We provide two different schemes: one offering free software the other full PhD research sponsorship.

Free SIMUL8 license

SIMUL8 is available free to full-time post graduate students if you qualify for the SIMUL8 PhD Research Scheme.

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PhD research sponsorship

SIMUL8 sponsors PhD Research work that is of direct relevance to our research and development needs.

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Interested in a career in simulation? Find out what it's like to work with us. SIMUL8 is a fast growing, exciting company. We are looking for the best graduates to join our team. With responsibility and real projects from day one, SIMUL8 is the perfect place to start your career.

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