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Simulation software for pharmaceutical and medical device businesses

Across manufacturing, supply chain, health economics and market access, SIMUL8 enables pharmaceutical and medical device companies to overcome challenges, improve efficiency, increase revenue and support healthcare payer buy-in.

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Why do pharmaceutical and medical device companies use simulation?

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are undergoing extensive change. Global uncertainty, combined with growing pressures over operational practices and pricing, mean that strategizing for the future has become more challenging.

This is why more pharmaceutical and medical device companies are utilizing discrete event simulation to help plan and make long-term decisions with better accuracy. The insight provided through simulation has helped to broaden R&D strategies, improve manufacturing and supply chain efficiency, and increase reimbursement for drugs and devices.

SIMUL8 Corporation has over 20 years of experience working with pharmaceutical and medical device organizations. Our simulation software has supported decision making across a wide range of processes including drug development, health economics, market access, supply chain and manufacturing.

What are the benefits of simulation?

Precise results

Simulate processes with accuracy – simulation can handle levels of complexity that cannot be easily replicated through methods such as spreadsheets.

Long-term insight

Get answers to make long-term investment decisions – with simulation, you can run 2, 10 or even 100 years into the future in seconds.

Visualize value

Engage healthcare payers – using simulation, so you can visually communicate and demonstrate the economical and clinical value of products.

How is simulation used by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers?

SIMUL8 is a powerful tool for supporting decision making across a range of processes including drug development, health economics, market access, supply chain and manufacturing.

Improve manufacturing efficiency

Reduce bottlenecks and improve the efficiency of production lines in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.

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Optimize supply chain effectiveness

Improve supply chain reliability and ensure reliable, consistent delivery of medication and products to healthcare payers and patients.

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Health economics and market access evaluations

Engage healthcare payers in sales presentations and demonstrate product value through a visual representation of patient pathways.

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Why do organizations use SIMUL8 for process improvement?

Our simulation software combines ease of use with powerful features to help pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to make rapid, profitable process improvement decisions.

Powerful, but easy to use

Simulate any process, no matter the size or complexity. Quickly build simulations with a drag and drop interface and utilize Visual Logic coding language to customize any aspect to your exact needs.

Fast, accurate results

With the fastest simulation engine available, you and your stakeholders will get quick insight to make effective decisions. Extensive results can be customized and exported in a range of formats.

Import your data

Drive simulations that reflect the real-life variability that can affect your processes using built-in statistical distributions or connect to your own data from Microsoft Excel, VB, and C++.

SIMUL8 is trusted by organizations around the globe for performance improvement

Boston Scientific

"Using SIMUL8 we could visualize the production line and actually see queues building up in our process. From this we tested various scenarios to improve efficiency resulting in savings of nearly $150,000."

James Larson, Principal Industrial Engineer, Boston Scientific

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