How to Enable Simulation in your BPM Toolset

How SIMUL8 Corporation can help you adopt simulation

Recently cited by Gartner as a Top 10 Strategic Technology for 2010, 2011, and 2012, simulation is a must have tool for decision makers in all areas of business.

Gartner highlight the need for businesses to use real-time simulations to support each individual business action. With the ability to 'predict the future outcomes' of business actions, SIMUL8 simulation software is the key to unlocking significant business improvements.


Simulation predicts capacity of a Business Process after change. Without simulation, logical processes can be designed, documented and communicated, but it is impossible to know how well a system will actually operate when it is deployed or changed without running a simulation of the process.

Simulation shows clearly the cost, throughput, cycle time and on-time-performance of a business process.

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