Localization of SIMUL8

This page is intended only for SIMUL8 Corporation partners considering localizing/translating SIMUL8 into a new language. This page is only an outline to enable you to consider (size) the task.

SIMUL8 Corporation will consider partnering with simulation knowledgeable SIMUL8 resellers in particular regions to develop the following localized versions of SIMUL8 (plus others).


  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Mandarin)

In Progress

  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Spanish (Latin America)

Languages High on our Priority List

  • French (Europe)
  • Portuguese (Latin America)
  • Spanish (Europe)
  • (Other languages/regions considered)

What is Involved in Localizing SIMUL8?

Main tasks:

  • SIMUL8 software uses a database of approximately 7000 phrases each of which need to be converted to your language.  These are all in a single file with a blank line under each - simply fill in the localized text in the blank space.
  • Check the SIMUL8 software to see that your text looks correct (there might be dialogs where there is insufficient space to include a longer string of localized text).   List required changes to SIMUL8 Corporation's development team
  • Localize the manual/help.  SIMUL8 Corporation will provide the WORD / HTML help files in English.  These provide the required structure to fit with the context sensitive help system in SIMUL8.  Simply change the text to your local language.  Use the results of tasks 1/2 to grab screen shots.
  • Return database and help files to SIMUL8 for building into a help / install system.
  • Get the manual printed (this is normally best done in a locality that works in the language on the manual, SIMUL8 Corporation can provide artwork for covers etc.).
  • Get boxes printed (SIMUL8 Corporation can provide artwork)

Commercial issues

  • SIMUL8 Corporation will pay you a royalty percentage of its revenue from the sales of the localized SIMUL8.
  • Copyright of the localized materials belong to SIMUL8 Corporation (but your work is protected through the royalty agreement)
  • Other resellers may sell your localized version (but you still get your royalty)
  • If you are also a SIMUL8 Reseller you get both the royalty and your reseller margin.
  • SIMUL8 Corporation will pay you for manuals/boxes that SIMUL8 Corporation or other resellers sell.

What about SIMUL8 Professional?

The translation file applies to all editions of SIMUL8 (Professional, Basic, Educational etc.) - So one translation effort localizes all editions.

What about the plug-ins?

At this time it is not possible to translate the Plug-ins created by third parties (like Stat::Fit and OptQuest)

What next?

If you have questions please .