Whitepaper: 5 Ways Simulation Can Drive your Lean Projects

We all know taking on a lean project is a big task, but did you know that simulation can help drive your lean projects?

From initial buy-in to assessing your return on investment, this whitepaper explains how simulation can become a catalyst for your lean process improvement projects.

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How can simulation support your Lean manufacturing projects?

Introducing a lean approach to a manufacturing process can have an immediate, positive impact on your efficiency and productivity.

Discrete event simulation software, like SIMUL8, is utilized by manufacturers around the globe to implement lean manufacturing, as these tools provide a robust, dynamic and animated display of processes both before and after implementation.

Simulation is a very powerful way of highlighting the constraints in a system and is effective in rallying both operational and managerial staff to recognize the need for change and provides the support to get lean implementation right first time.

Download '5 Ways Simulation Can Drive your Lean Projects' to learn how simulation can help to:

1. Build project buy-in and rally operational and managerial staff.

2. Quickly compare competing solutions to determine which scenario will produce the best results.

3. Develop a quality strategy by quick and accurate assessments of different approaches.

4. Understand which results and KPIs are the most significant.

5. Assess the return on investment of a lean process improvement project.

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