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Take a look a our case studies, whitepapers, example simulations and videos to learn how SIMUL8 enables manufacturers to improve processes and ROI, increase throughput, and eliminate waste.

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Manufacturing simulation case studies

Discover how SIMUL8 has helped organizations across the globe to improve manufacturing processes.


Meeting demand without increasing costs

Leading automotive manufacturer Chrysler improved throughput by 39 units and increased revenue by $1,000,000 per day at its Brampton plant using SIMUL8.

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Eliminating production bottlenecks

To meet a sharp increase in market demand, FMC Technologies utilized SIMUL8 to find and remove bottlenecks, increasing throughput by 50%.

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Identifying optimum staffing and resourcing

Simulation helped Plexus to guarantee production capacity for their client, identified optimum staffing levels and saved $5,000 in equipment costs in just a few days.

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Reconfiguring maintenance

By developing smarter maintenance rules using simulation, GM increased throughput by 5% to meet an increase in demand, without increasing costs.

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Manufacturing simulation whitepapers

Download our whitepapers to learn how simulation can be successfully implemented in your organization.

Breakdowns Happen: How to Factor Downtime into your Simulation

Simulation expert Brian Harrington explains the key learning points simulation modelers should consider when working with downtime.

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Less is More: Successful Simulations Using Six Sigma Methodologies

This whitepaper explores the success of having managers and key simulation engineers trained with Six Sigma methodologies to lead the team and reduce the time to reach answers.

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5 Ways Simulation Can Drive your Lean Projects

From initial buy-in to assessing your return on investment, this whitepaper explains how simulation can become a catalyst for your lean process improvement projects.

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The Balancing Act: An Example of Line Balancing

This whitepaper outlines the key steps every industrial engineer should take when considering line balancing and how simulation can take your analysis to the next level.

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More Than a Cycle? What you Need to Know About Cycle Times

What are the key considerations when designing a manufacturing facility and the cycle times of tasks and operations?

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Keep your 3 Legged Stool Upright

Learn how simulation can support the successful completion of a manufacturing project when the conflicting objectives of cost, quality and time all need to be delivered on.

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Eliminating the '8 Wastes of Lean' with Simulation Software

There are eight common types of waste, but did you know that simulation software like SIMUL8 can help you to discover and eliminate these in your organization?

Together, simulation and Lean principles provide a framework to quickly test process improvements and pinpoint approaches that will effectively reduce waste.

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Example manufacturing simulations

View example SIMUL8 manufacturing simulations and expertiment with optimizing results for yourself.

Manufacturing Job Shop Simulation

In this multi-product manufacturing job shop simulation, experiment with maximizing throughput by optimizing staffing priorities.

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Automotive Body Shop Simulation

Optimize output by experimenting with the number of vehicle pallets in this example simulation of an automotive body shop.

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Pallet Optimization with Simulation

Download the simulation to take a detailed look on how to accomplish simulating palletized loops using SIMUL8.

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Power and Free Conveyors in SIMUL8

Learn how to capture realistic and complex process behavior in your simulation with different conveyor types in SIMUL8.

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Manufacturing simulation video resources

Watch videos to see SIMUL8 in action and learn how simulation can be used by manufacturers to improve efficiency.

Manufacturing Assembly Line Industry Example

See how throughput in a manufacturing assembly line can be increased with SIMUL8 using production schedules, staffing and resource to maximize efficiency and achieve throughput targets.

How to Factor Downtime into your Simulation

Discover the points simulation modelers should consider when working with downtime - including recording at station or line level, associated distributions, accounting for the Lockout Procedure and more.

Automotive Manufacturing Simulation Guide

Learn why simulation is used throughout the life of an assembly plant; from designing assembly facilities and proccesses, to making operational decisions and continuously improving manufacturing performance.

Balancing Mixed-Model Assembly Lines

Automotive simulation expert Brian Harrington explains how simulation tools like SIMUL8 are essential for planning and supporting flexible automotive manufacturing and mixed model assembly.

The Complete Guide to SIMUL8 Success webinar series

SIMUL8 Consultant, Max Guild, guides you through the features of SIMUL8 to show you how quickly you can achieve success with simulation.

Whether you're thinking about using SIMUL8 for the first time or you're looking to improve your simulation knowledge, this webinar series will give you a practical overview of the software.

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